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Before the Beginning I was No Thing: 
a Source of Awareness, of Being, of Universes.
Thought, ideas, emotion, objects and time are Things I conceived.
I agreed to play a game in which No Things became Things.  
We played and betrayed ourselves 
into an unrelenting void of shivering dark
and incandescent light.  
In my basest state, a human being, 
I am a Warrior of Survival: 
a game that grinds every soul into dust.
I have lost the game. We have defeated ourselves.
The physical universe is not our home.  
I, alone, am the Source of Serenity
in the Icy Flames of Eternity. 
Remember who we are:  
No Thing.
by Lawrence R. Spencer. 2012.


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What is “intelligence”?  It is an estimation of the ability of an organism to solve the problems of survival.  However, for so-called “scientists” who can only think in numbers and symbols (but can’t get laid or hold down a non-government job) a chimpanze is “more intelligent” than human beings. Don’t get me wrong: I love animals and respect their intelligence and their right to survive. However, I think the movie RAINMAN already demonstrated that “intellince” and math skills are not as valuable as being able to fix a piece of toast without having a psychotic episode. Autism notwithstanding, the problems chimps must solve in order to survive in their natural environment do not compare with the problems that human beings must solve to survive in the universe. Chimps are chimps — not people.

Here’s proof that “scientists” are not “intelligent”:


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                “Take special care of those Ruby Slippers. I want those most of all!” — The Wicked Witch of the West in ‘The Wizard of Oz’

                Definition: Vested Interest–1/ a survival or non-survival plan or agenda which has been “clothed” to make it seem like something other than what it actually is; 2/ any person, group or entity which prevents or controls communication to serve their own purposes.

               Example: Governments control communication between the people of their country. You must get a passport to travel to another country. You must pass through a customs’ inspection in order to enter the country. You must pay taxes (money is a form of communication). You must get a license to get married or go into business.

               Example: Religions prevent and control communication between people and the gods, saints and spirits. You have to pay the priest money for him to “bless” you or to “absolve” you of “sin” as a supposed representative of the god(s).

               Example: A husband usually tries to prevent communication between his wife and other potential lovers.

               What would happen if you could safely communicate with everything and everyone?

               Political, religious and financial vested interests, typically, DO NOT want people to answer this question. The reason is simple: if you could safely communicate with anyone or anything, they would be out of business!

               Such institutions very frequently determine what we are allowed to believe by feeding us their version of “the truth”. Our “belief” in their version of “the truth” is usually backed up by the threat of death, imprisonment, excommunication or bankruptcy.

               All human beings have flesh bodies. Flesh bodies require food, shelter, clothing and as many other goods and creature comforts as one can buy, borrow or pillage. This seems to be a common denominator of survival. It is also a source of illogical thinking which has tended to clog the water mains of our minds with all manner of unspeakable refuse: namely, our vested interest in survival.”


Excerpt from THE OZ FACTORS, by Lawrence R. Spencer

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