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Universes are comprised of thoughts, ideas, dreams, illusions, delusions, which may also include stars, space, time, energy and objects. Or not. These are the universes of the author Lawrence R. Spencer, and others for whom he has an affinity.


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The recent “scientific discovery” by NASA of an alleged Mickey Mouse Face on the planet Mercury given birth to a litter of “scientific theories” to explain the phenomena.  Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1) The Mickey Mouse “face” is proof that Douglas Adams book, “The Hitchhikers Guide to The Universe” was correct in saying that mice are the Creators of The Universe.  Obviously, these Mighty Mouse Gods left an imprint on themselves on the surface of Mercury so that Mankind could discover that Humanity was created by alien mice from space.

2) Disney Corporation has landed on Mercury and is laying the foundations for  a new Disney World theme park called “Mercury Mouse House” as a speculative real estate investment funded by Wall Street Bankers and endorsed by Congress  in anticipation of the potential colonization of that planet by humans.

3) NASA is making another lame attempt at discrediting the “face of Mars” by coming up with this kind of nonsense.

4) NASA employees don’t really have any good excuse to collect a paycheck.

5) The “Mickey Face” is undeniable evidence that people will believe anything they are told by “the authorities” or “scientists”.

6) This Mickey Mouse evidence proves the “Theory of Human Stupidity” which states “THE AVERAGE HUMAN  IS REALLY STUPID.  THE REST ARE EVEN MORE STUPIDER THAN THEM.”