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LOVE-a definition

In the following short video David Icke offers a simple and eloquent summary of, and solution for, our current situation on Prison Earth. He says that “love” is the solution to dissolve the artificially created energy frequency of fear with which we are constantly bombarded by the prison guards.  I suggest that “love” is not a good word as it is far too ambiguous. The actual energetic frequency of “love” is more precisely expressed by the definitions of “appreciation“, which includes understanding and admiration and affinity.  It is a delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values). A full understanding of a situation.  This includes acknowledgment, recognition, realization, knowledge, awareness, consciousness, and comprehension of an  object, condition or being.  Love is an energy frequency that is most similar to the essence of our Self, as a spiritual entity. It is nearly imperceptible, yet with infinitely potential power.

I think a more useful definition of “love” could be  “A willingness and ability to Cause, Understand, Acknowledge and Admire a Bringing Into Being, or Not Being, any State of Existence, in any Universe, as an Immortal Sentient Being”.  — LRS


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Admiration is the most desirable form of energy one being can give or receive. Everyone is seeking admiration, knowingly or not. When we are admired, or admire others, we feel uplifted and expanded. When our actions, thoughts, or emotions are NOT admired we feel rejected and depressed.  It has been said that the universe consists of creations that you not been admired and are still waiting to be admired.  So, if you’re not getting the admiration you KNOW you deserve, don’t wait for others to give it to you!  Give it to yourself.  Here is 12 minutes of applause and cheering you can use to admire YOU!


Respect and warm approval: their admiration for each other was genuine

1.1  (the admiration of) Something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect: her house was the admiration of everyone

1.2  Pleasurable contemplation: they were lost in admiration of the scenery

Origin:   Late Middle English (in the sense ‘marveling, wonder’): from Latin admiratio(n-), from the verb admirari