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Kindred Spirits

As the Martian being, Valentine Michael Smith, says repeatedly in the classic science fiction story, “Strangers In A Strange Land“, by Robert Heinlein:  Thou art god, I am god. All that groks is god“.  

Theoretically, every individual person is a “god”.  A god is simply an Immortal Spiritual Being capable of creating something from nothing, conjured solely as an illusion of the imagination.  Everyone creates something from nothing continually, every day.  Every time you have an original idea, you are performing the action of a “god”.  It can be demonstrated that all of us “gods”, collectively, create and maintain, through our agreement, the co-created illusion we call the Physical Universe.

The intentional creation the a universe is eloquently summarized by Robert Heinlein,  “The Universe was a damned silly place at best . . . but the least likely explanation for its existence was the no-explanation of random chance, the conceit that some abstract somethings “just happened” to be some atoms that “just happened” to get together in configurations which “just happened” to look like consistent laws and then some of these configurations “just happened” to possess self-awareness…”.

There have been many descriptions of the very unique relationship between Immortal Spiritual Beings who are the co-creators or “god-partners” of universes they have co-created and inhabited before the existence of the physical universe.  These can be one, two, several or many spiritual beings.  Such beings share the same origin point that existed before the space and time of this physical universe.  Spirit Twins, Twin Flames, Soul Mates and many other phrases have been used to attempt to describe this marvelous relationship which transcends time and space in this, or any universe.

The quality of these relationships is that the Beings involved are virtually the same Being, and yet individual.  However, the universes they co-created through a cooperative conjuring of illusions, inhabited and maintained together still exists in the memories of those who shared in their co-creation.  There can be a nearly infinite number of such universes, just as there are an unlimited number of Immortal Spiritual Beings coexisting, yet separated, by the artificial barriers of time, space, objects, energy that comprise the delusion we share, called the Physical Universe.

Love is composed of complete understanding — that is, the willingness and ability to BE another Being or Beings.  There is no “separateness” between them.  There is only a “Oneness of Self”.  It can be expressed in the idea that “I am You, as You are Me: We Are”.   Spirit Twins, sharing the co-creation of a mutual universe, seem to share a complete understanding of each other, as the “other” is “self”.

The physical universe, which has overwhelmed and absorbed the native universes of Spirit Twins, is composed of particles in space which are held suspended by a negative and positive energy.  On Earth we often inhabit physical bodies made of flesh, which are positive / negative: male / female.  When Spirit Twins encounter each other on Earth the overwhelming emotion of being reunited with a “god-partner” or “universe co-creator” can be an indescribably intense experience.  The relationship, experiences and emotions shared by such Beings are those of a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Lover, Cousin, Soul Mate and Creator — ALL IN ONE— being reunited with each other after having been lost or separated for decades or eons!

Given that Immortal Spiritual Beings have lived in and around the physical universe for a nearly infinite number of years, it is very likely that Spirit Twins have encountered each other on planets and in spaces many, many times before.  These encounters ofter result in marriages, love affairs, family relationships, and passionate friendships of every possible variety.  If you are fortunate enough to meet one or more of your “Spirit Twins” in this, or any lifetime on Earth or in the “hereafter”, I share your Joy, as I have recently been fortunate enough to enjoy such a reunion personally.  The experience of unconditional love and understanding between two or more Spiritual Beings or gods is as marvelous as the wonders of a co-created universe!

Spirit Twins


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Do you feel as though you are completely alone?  Do you ever feel as though there is not one other person who really cares who you are, or what you think?  It is possible to honestly and opening share your deepest thoughts, dreams or emotions with anyone?  Do we really understand our OWN thoughts, dreams and emotions? If not, how can we honestly say that we can understand those of another being?

On Earth it seems that communication using language symbols  with other beings actually prevents complete understanding!  Our social facades, sexual-biological programing and cultural customs may temporarily soften the reality that we are, and have always been alone. As much as we may desire admiration from others, or feel admiration for others, we are the only person who really knows and understands the depth and breath of our inner, immortal self — if this is even possible at all.

Sharing life, love, understanding, hope, dreams and illusions with other beings — and losing them — awakens the soul-crushing brutality that we are, in fact, alone.  There is no greater pain that any being can suffer than this awareness.  Yet, this seems to be the fact of existence as we know it on Earth for the vast majority of beings.

When we die and have no body we literally disappear from physical universe reality.  People may have memories of us, but these fade and die each each person fades and passes from “reality”.  Religious propaganda tells us that “you are loved”.  But, are you really loved by another person, and an unseen spirit?  Do you even “love” yourself? Your relationship with yourself — yourself alone — is a subjective experience that cannot be shared with anyone.  If we want to be “loved”, we must do it ourselves. Love is an experience that is self-created.  However, when we’re dead we can “rest” assured that everyone else is alone with us, or without us. The pain we all endure alone is the reality we share together. ~ Lawrence R. Spencer, 2015.


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A person can have access to unlimited quantities and varieties of information (data), yet have no real knowledge, i.e. cognizance or comprehension.  Data is only as valuable as it facilitates understanding.

knowledgeDefinition of knowledge

  1. 2 a (1) :  the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association (2) :  acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique b (1) :  the fact or condition of being aware of something  (2) the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning :  cognition