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Jewel within the Lotus
Phallus and the Womb,
United we are, both of us,
The Source of Life Anew.
We are really No-Things
Beings joined with Form:
Animating Matter
The Cause of all that grows.
All creation springs from Love,
Heaven joins the Earth:
We are Souls united with the Flesh,
Death is joined with Life.
I am like Air.
You are like Fire.
A hearth is made in Our embrace.
Our loins the fuel, our kiss the spark,
We fan the Flame with Our desire.
Rising smoke from each caress,
Our Love the heat, Our Joy reflects
That through Our Seed, Our Souls are met:
through Our Cause we are Effect.
One reaches,
One withdraws.
Positive flows to negative,
In and out and ebb and flow
Are rhythms of this Universe.
One is born;
One grows old.
Life and Death are a single thread –
Binding Souls within the flesh
We can escape this slavish strife:
Awake! Fly! Be Your Immortal Soul!
We can transcend the Game of Life –
Create A Universe of Your Own!


— Lawrence R. Spencer —


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Here is a recent e-mail I received from a reader of the book ALIEN INTERVIEW:


“Dear Lawrence,  This book allowed me to change my thoughts from a blaming attitude of looking for the “why” in things, to a wider acceptance of life as it is.  By reading this book I was reminded that there is no answer to the small why’s.  The small why’s  represent the bigger why: the question which asks why we are here.  It is clear.  It is the answer I have been looking for probably since early youth.  I feel guided and supported. Mostly, I feel free. Now I am free to enjoy my life, every moment, as the big why is answered and smaller why’s are no longer relevant. I want to thank you for this experience.   And for publishing this information.  I am grateful and wish you many blessings. Especially at this time of yearly celebrations, I wish the spirit of the joy of celebration to be with you.  And I trust the information in the Alien Interview has provided you with the joy of understanding as it has provided to me.   —  Many blessings,  Alysa”

Download the audiobook from Audible.com
(ABRIDGED – without Footnotes), Edited by Lawrence Spencer
Narrated By Lyanne Greystoke
Length: 5 hrs and 22 minutes

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