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NEW AUDIO BOOK! Pan – God of The Woods

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Love; the best word to describe my feelings towards this book. It had so many different things in it, real history, science, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, it really kept your attention. To me this book was a real thinker no matter how “fiction” it is. A lot of my real life beliefs were in this book and it honestly hit my heart. Obviously it was fictional with story line and some characters and even if you aren’t into any religion at all it is still an extremely interesting book to pick up.

Honestly I can say I think this is the most original book I have ever read. If you know me you will know I am partial to Pan, and nature, etc but taking that aside it really was original even if I wasn’t interested in this topics. Never before have I seen such an amazing and interesting mix of ideas, writing styles, etc in a book. The only reason  I love the ending and the part where Pan speaks to you. I planted a tree last year and don’t know I can every year but would love too if possible. 🙂 Amazing story.”

This book was one of the most original and creative books I have ever read! I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to any one who is up for a good read.
“I would never have imagined that anyone would be brave enough (or perhaps stupid enough) to write a book about being a God. Yet, this book pulls it off — with uncanny understanding, humility and humor. This is truly one of the most unique, exhilarating, provocative and spiritually uplifting books I have every read! The author’s descriptions make the “out-of-body experience” seem normal and commonplace. After reading this book, I feel like I can actually do it myself! I am very grateful to the author for this book. It has changed my whole view of life…and life after death.”



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Are you afraid that an “Alien Invasion” might wipe out the human race?  Are you concerned about Armageddon?  Are you afraid that looming signs of the “End of Days” are all around you?  Do you think the NWO may be planning your extermination to reduce population?  Well, meet some people whose ancestors already experienced it.  There are a few of them still living among us.

 Learn more about the culture and history of the original citizens of the American Continents, before they were hunted almost into extinction by the Caucasian European Invasion.  Before Columbus, The Spanish Conquistadors, The Pilgrims and the hordes of ignorant, filthy, greedy Caucasian European Invaders migrated in their blood-thirsty millions to the Americas there were estimated to be 100 Million people already living here.  Caucasian Europeans systematically set about slaughtering every man, woman, child on the entire continent with guns, fire and blankets infested with small pox.

Visit the wonderful website below to experience some of the majesty, dignity, beauty and pain of those indigenous people.


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I own a video cassette copy of a film (The Mystery of Picasso) showing Pablo Picasso painting on a plate of glass, filmed from the opposite side.  As an oil painter myself, I found it utterly mesmerizing!  I was delighted when I found an earlier film on YouTube (in 2 parts below) showing similar footage of Picasso at work in his studio sixty-three year ago, in 1949.  (This film is nearly as old as I am!)

Visit to Picasso is a Belgian documentary film from 1949 directed by Belgian filmmaker Paul Haesaerts. In an effort to capture the nature of Picasso’s creative process, Paul Haesaerts asked the Spanish painter to apply his magical brushstrokes to large glass plates as Haesaerts filmed from the other side. This actually predates the more famous art film The Mystery of Picasso (1956) by Henri-Georges Clouzot in which Picasso also paints to large transparent canvases as the director films from the other side. The filming took place in Picasso’s studio in Vallauris. In 1951 Visit to Picasso was nominated for best documentary by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).  Even if you are not an artist or art connoisseur, you may appreciate this film.

Vivre la vie avec un esprit de l’art de!


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This truly marvelous film gives us, the inhabitants of one tiny planet, lost among a nearly infinite number of planets in this physical universe, an extraordinary view of Earth from the outside looking in!  The basis of all of human stupidity and superstition revolves around the idea that WE ARE THE CENTER of the universe!  When we watch this simple film of the Earth from the OUTSIDE looking down, how can our myopic delusions of grandeur not be expelled once and for all?  It becomes immediately obvious that we, as physical universe organisms, inhabiting a blue speck of dust in space, are simply an infinitesimally, microscopically tiny organism in the macrocosm of the space, time, energy and matter of the physical universe!  In fact, there are a trillion, trillion planets floating within a billion, billion galaxies that are no less significant that Earth!

Yet, you and I, as Immortal Spiritual Beings, are, collectively, The Creators of it ALL!  The simple, obvious proof of this assertion is this:  If YOU can perceive it, YOU are creating it!

Time-Lapse | Earth from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.