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Inside the book, Vermeer: Portraits of A Lifetime. Analysis of all the paintings of Johannes Vermeer. The book reveals for the first time that the women featured in the paintings of Johannes Vermeer were members of his own family, his daughters, his wife and mother-in-law, Maria Thins.


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god shadow

“The history of mankind seems blanketed in a simultaneous state of amnesia and deja vu. The ruins of ancient civilizations whisper a reminder that we have forgotten everything we knew.

A multitude of gods have shown themselves like shadows in the halls of history. We know not yet, except by our own observation and decision, which of them is real. We are betrayed by those who teach us that we must trust the Wizards of the West. While pretentious politicians defend the castles of the Witch, the media monkeys swarm to spin perverted lies to cover up their covert tricks.

The voiceless bones of wonderful wizards have dissolved to mortal dust once more. Their words have vanished in the smoke of sacred libraries, searing our souls with the stupefying stench of wisdom lost forever in their flames. From day to day the timeworn treadmill of survival forces us to worship at the soulless bankers’ shrine. Gold is still the god of the great and powerful Oz.

The Oz Factors, by Lawrence R. SpencerWe have crash-landed in a twisted alien landscape of pain and mortality, far away from our home Universe. As a race we have amnesia. We are repeatedly bumped on the head by the recurring cataclysmic upheavals of a planet whirling in space like a farmhouse in a tornado.

The future is an extension of the present. We must live our lives in the present in a manner which will create the greatest good for the greatest number of beings in the future. If we are aware of our own past lives, we must also be aware that we are creating our own future by our present actions. We will inherit our own legacy.

As Professor Marvel points out with simple eloquence, “There are no other wizards…”

We are apparently the only wizards there ever were and the only wizards that ever will be. We are each a part of a time track of the past, present and future of our own creation, individually and collectively.

If we let the Wicked Witches run the culture now, they will be in charge of the place when we come back. Just as we are the descendants of past generations, you and I may very well become, through reincarnation, the children of our children–we are the future generations who will inherit the environmental and cultural conditions of the future which we ourselvesSupport independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. are creating today.”

excerpt from THE OZ FACTORS, by Lawrence R. Spencer

(painting by Zdzislaw Beksinski IV.  Visit his official website here: )


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“Biologists are still trying to count the number of different life organisms on the planet. Consider the probability that an estimated TWO BILLION SPECIES have lived on Earth, of which as many as 99.9 percent are now EXTINCT! So, there probably aren’t that many left, right?


There are still estimated to be about 30,000,000 (thirty million!) different species of organisms still living on Earth. There are estimated to be more than 400,000 species of plants, alone. Do you like bugs? There are more than 1,000,000 species of insects (yes, that’s one million). There are 30,000 different subspecies of spiders! Not to mention the 30,000 species of beetles, 20,000 species of moths and 20,000 species of ants, bees and wasps. Researchers have estimated that for every human being there are one billion insects on Earth!

There are more than 9,000 species of birds, 4,000 species of mammals (1,700 are rodents), 10,000 species of roundworms, 4,000 species of amphibians, 21,000 species of bony fish and 6,000 species of reptiles. Don’t even think about the nearly unfathomable variety of invertebrate life in the oceans. Scientists will be working for a very long time to identify everything that lives in the waters of the world.

That’s just life in the macrocosm of Earth; i.e., just those life forms that we can see easily with the naked eye. How does this apply to the microcosm of relatively invisible animals?

There are 4,000 known species of bacteria. On the average human body, about 600 million bacteria live on the skin. The skin under your arms carries close to 500,000 bacteria and your forearm is a thriving metropolis that is home to over 12,000 bacteria per square inch! The bacteria population INSIDE your body is too numerous to count.

Then there are all the species of protozoa, algae, fungi and bacteria that eat carbon dioxide and hydrogen and produce methane as a byproduct.

In addition to the vast number of species, consider the fact that each individual cell in any complex organism is, in fact, a separate, distinct life entity. There are about 75 trillion cells in the average human body. The size of a single cell varies from the thickness of a few thousand atoms, to the largest single cell (an ostrich egg), measuring about 20 inches in diameter.

The sheer volume and diversity of life forms would seem to defy the probability of any coincidental, circumstantial, accidental or spontaneous development of the unthinkably vast, complex, intricately coordinated, precisely structured, cooperatively balanced, and yet, ingeniously bizarre, incongruously grotesque and downright peculiar variety of life on Earth. (Remember, we aren’t even counting the 99 percent of life forms that USED to live on the planet, which are now extinct!)

In the 150 years since Darwin and others have re-proposed the Theory of Evolution, no one has ever demonstrated it to be true. Not a single one of any of this immense number of species have ever successfully interbred and created a fertile reproductive combination of two different species.

The point is this: Darwin’s theory does not provide us with a workable solution. The missing pieces of the puzzle are still missing, namely: where did man and the other life forms on this planet come from?”

~ excerpt from THE OZ FACTORS by Lawrence R. Spencer


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“…the “Old Empire” has been using Earth as a “prison planet” for a very long time — exactly how long is unknown — perhaps millions of years.  So, when the body of the IS-BE dies they depart from the body. They are detected by the “force screen”, they are captured and “ordered” by hypnotic command to “return to the light”. The idea of “heaven” and the “afterlife” are part of the hypnotic suggestion — a part of the treachery that makes the whole mechanism work.ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. SpencerSupport independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


After the IS-BE has been shocked and hypnotized to erase the memory of the life just lived, the IS-BE is immediately “commanded”, hypnotically, to “report” back to Earth, as though they were on a secret mission, to inhabit a new body. Each IS-BE is told that they have a special purpose for being on Earth. But, of course there is no purpose for being in a prison — at least not for the prisoner.

Any undesirable IS-BEs who are sentenced to Earth were classified as “untouchable” by the “Old Empire”. This included anyone that the “Old Empire” judged to be criminals who are too vicious to be reformed or subdued, as well as other criminals such as sexual perverts, or beings unwilling to do any productive work.

An “untouchable” classification of IS-BEs also includes a wide variety of “political prisoners”.   This includes IS-BEs who are considered to be noncompliant “freethinkers” or “revolutionaries” who make trouble for the governments of the various planets of the “Old Empire”. Of course, anyone with a previous military record against the “Old Empire” is also shipped off to Earth.  A list of “untouchables” include artists, painters, singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of every kind. For this reason Earth has more artists per capita than any other planet in the “Old Empire”.

“Untouchables” also include intellectuals, inventors and geniuses in almost every field. Since everything the “Old Empire” considers valuable has long since been invented or created over the last few trillion years, they have no further use for such beings. This includes skilled managers also, which are not needed in a society of obedient, robotic citizens.ALIEN INTERVIEW AUDIOBOOKAnyone who is not willing or able to submit to mindless economic, political and religious servitude as a tax-paying worker in the class system of the “Old Empire” are “untouchable” and sentenced to receive memory wipe-out and permanent imprisonment on Earth.

The net result is that an IS-BE is unable to escape because they can’t remember who they are, where they came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to think they are someone, something, sometime, and somewhere other than where they really are.”

~ Excerpt from the Top Secret interviews with the pilot of the Roswelll UFO, 1947 published in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW


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Couple in Bathtub

“The world will always welcome lovers….. As Time Goes By …..”.  (click to play the song while you read the story)

A  sad and sensuous melody wafts in from the Really Old Oldies Station playing on the radio in the bedroom.  The classic melody melts into the candlelight and steam above my sunken penthouse bathtub hidden in the clouds of a Big City Skyline.

Amber tendrils of her dripping hair draw arabesques on golden skin along the supple curves of her torso.  Eyes half-closed, pouting mouth, she tosses her head toward me with a gaze that would light wet firewood. There is nothing in the world but her and me.

Lifting a leg above the water, she rests her foot on my shoulder, stroking my hair and neck, tickling my ear with her pinkly painted toes.  She makes me smile idiotically, yes, please-do-it-ically. I tilt my head to meet her foot with a submissive animal twitch that lets her know she’s my master.bigbleep_NEW-front_cover

Her leg bends slightly.  A rivulet runs down her leg, melting into the canyon between her thighs.  Her heel nestles next to my throat as she massages my temple with her toe. I lift my hand out of the suds to blow her a bubbly kiss. My eyes follow the ruffled waves as they ripple on the shores of her ample, island breasts. Tiny bubbles swirl and burst beneath her nipples like a tiny, iridescent fireworks show.

Slowly her caresses shift, her slick skin slithers on mine, the tip of her toe traces my chin, the contour of my lips.  My eyes loose focus as I submerge myself in sensuousness.  I nibble at her perfect toes, tickling with my tongue. She giggles, then laughs out loud. That sound!  If it was food, I’d gain a hundred pounds!

“Oh, baby…” My voice is a horse whisper. She whinnies and lets her arching foot slide down my pecs.  Her toes dig into my skin, her sole rests on the wild pounding in my chest — she can feel it!  Very still, she listens to my heart with her delicious toes. It’s pumping!  Out of control, like some menacing machine!  We both know where the blood is going now…Shadow, I love you.  Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

She bites her lower lip. Her breathing quickens.  Like a female Captain Ahab, she lowers her boat urgently into the bubble bath scented waves to hunt for the great, white sperm whale.

“Oh yeah, baby. Lower away!”, I say, urging her on.

As the keel of Shadow’s boat rides on the waves of our passion, I hear, in the back of my mind, the voice of Gregory Peck intoning Herman Melville’s immortal words:

“The whale, the whale! Up helm, up helm! Oh, all ye sweet powers of air, now hug me close!  Steady! helmsman, steady. Nay, nay! Up helm again! He turns to meet us! Oh, his unappeasable brow drives on towards one, whose duty tells him he cannot depart. My God, stand by me now!”

The perfumed waves mount into a frothing tempest and splash onto the bathroom floor.  My Moby Dick rams and hoists the shuddering bow of her sensuous ship until her timbers creak and moan, and then explode, giving way to screams!…the same, impassioned screams that have summoned the wandering souls of humanity into the next generation of baby bodies since the Omniscient Creator orchestrated the first primordial conception of homo sapiens in the dim mists of…

“Bbrrrrriiiing!  Bbrrrrriiiing!”

I opened one eye slowly and carefully lurched my aching head up off my desk.  Oh, (Bleep)! I was dreaming again!  A very moist dream.  For the third time this week I’d fallen asleep in front of my computer monitor. I felt like “Johnny Dollar, PI”, in the old radio program I used to listen to when I was a kid, except for the fact that he had an expense account because he worked as a claims investigator for some big insurance company.

I have a lot of expenses, but I didn’t have any accounts.  Every time Johnny walked around a corner somebody hit him on the back of the head and knocked him out.  He spent all of his time trying to figure out who did it and why.  Usually, it was because of some women he was mixed up with. You think he would have learned to stay away from corners.

“Bbrrrrriiiing!  Bbrrrrriiiing!”

The (bleeping) phone was still ringing!  My answering machine picked up the call.  I heard my cleverly conceived marketing message start to play as I looked foggily at the sign painted on the opaque glass of my office door:

The Un-existential Detective Agency of America  (T.U.D.A.A.) !

“We dig up the truth for you”

SAM SHOVEL – Proprietor and Public Dick”


Excerpt from Chapter One of  THE BIG BLEEP, a novel by Lawrence R. Spencer



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“… meet the young lady who fell from a star. She fell from the sky, she fell very far and Kansas, she says, is the name of the star …” – Glinda in ‘The Wizard of Oz’

As an Egyptian child 3,000 years ago, you might have asked your mother, “Mommy, where did I come from?” She may have replied, “Well, dear, I think it was from Orion’s Belt.

According to hieroglyphic records, the stars of Orion’s Belt were the symbolic analogy to the “phallus” of the constellation of Orion upon which his sister/wife Isis (the star Sirius) would “rise above Orion” in the sky and “impregnate” herself. The union of these two constellations, gave birth to their “son”, the Egyptian god Horus, the seventh “Divine Ruler” of Egypt.

Celestial orientation was the Egyptian common denominator to an understanding of the Egyptian viewpoint of life on Earth, and life after death.

The Egyptian priesthood worshipped the stars. The comings and goings of the gods were monitored by the stars. The calendar of days, holidays, festivals and harvests were determined by the stars. The rising of the star Sirius, also called the “Dog Star” because of its prominent position in the constellation of Canis Major, marked the beginning of the new year and is the entire basis for the Easter celebration as adopted by the Christians centuries after the fall of Egypt. The movements of the star Sirius monitored the entire Egyptian calendar.


Sirius is actually a double star system. One of the stars is the brightest star in the sky visible from Earth. The other is a dark star, an extremely dense and heavy star, which is entirely invisible to the naked eye. (One teaspoon of matter from this star might weigh thousands of pounds on Earth). The dark star was not detected for the first time until 1970.

The triple star system of Sirius gained international notoriety during the late 1960s. Though never photographed until 1970, the dark star of Sirius was made known to a team of French anthropologists by a remote tribe living near Timbuktu in Northern Africa called the Dogon. The religious leaders of the Dogon knew all about these stars, including, mysteriously:

1/ The exact 50 year repeating pattern of the elliptical orbit of Sirius “B” around Sirius “A”.

2/ Patterns of orbital motion relative to each other (one star periodically blocks the view of the other as they revolve).

3/ The extremely small size, the tremendously dense and heavy mass and invisibility of Sirius “B”.

4/ The existence of the red dwarf star, Sirius “C”, which was not observed for the first time by modern astronomers until 1995.

5/ For more than a thousand years, the Dogon also knew about four other “invisible” bodies in our own solar system; namely, the four major moons of Jupiter which were not acknowledged in Western civilization until Galileo discovered them with his version of the telescope which had been invented the previous year, in 1608, by Hans Lippershey.


How could an obscure tribe of technically backward, uneducated people know so many factual details about a star system of which Western astronomers knew almost nothing?

This relatively primitive tribe of black Africans claimed that their ancestors were priests who had been driven out of Egypt in the very distant past. The secrets of these priests were closely held among the elders of their tribe. They claim that a race of beings with aquatic characteristics descended from a planet in the star system of Sirius. These being were called the “Nomos”. These beings are reported to have brought civilization to Earth about 5,000 years ago and then returned to the Sirius system. The Dogon say that the Nomos will return to Earth. The Dogon say that the detailed information they possess about the Sirius star system was given to them about 5,000 years ago by the beings who came to Earth from Sirius.

The scientific, cultural, religious, mythological, astronomical and anthropological implications of the knowledge of the Dogon, and of the tremendous significance placed on Sirius by the Egyptian priests, is marvelously documented in the fascinating book by Robert K G Temple entitled, ‘The Sirius Mystery’. This book has inspired other innovative investigators to pick up the trail of the investigation into what was REALLY going on in ancient Egypt.

Egyptology has fascinated scholars and captured popular imagination for thousands of years. Why? Simply because it has been so mysterious!  Subjects that are easily investigated and understood rarely command much attention. And, there are few subjects as full of hidden meanings, esoteric innuendo and misleading anomalies as the hieroglyphic texts and architectural monuments of Egypt.

Despite decades of investigation, the theoretical posturing of Egyptologists have left many of the very basic elements of its mysteries unanswered. For example:

1/ What secret information did the priests of Isis and Osiris NOT share with the uninitiated layman?

2/ What knowledge did the priests and pharaohs possess, which empowered them with control over not only the affairs of state, but the wealth of the richest treasury in the world?

3/ Were the priests hiding something from the rest of the world?

Just as modern Western intelligence agencies have controlled knowledge to protect their special vested interests over the last thousand years, so did the priests of ancient Egypt.

The secret order of priests in Egypt possessed a very, very sophisticated knowledge of mathematics, architecture and astronomy, among other esoteric studies. In fact, most of the rest of the world learned almost everything they knew from Egypt, with the possible exception of the Sumerians, who had already built their own pyramid civilization before the Egyptians ever got started.


Excerpt from THE OZ FACTORS, by Lawrence R. Spencer