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breastfeeding-mom-by-mary-cassatt-1906Everyone lives, everyone dies…and almost everyone is reincarnated, usually.  Reincarnation planning is not socially acceptable in Western culture, where most people believe whatever they are told by priests and preachers, who don’t know anything at all about what happens when you die!  However, many people in India, China and Tibet take the whole idea in stride.  However, what very few people do is plan ahead for their next lifetime BEFORE they die!

So, if you are pretty sure you’re going to be coming back (again, and again, and again) as a newborn baby, here are a few common-sense suggestions to prepare everything so you will have a healthy, safe, sane, joyful and secure next lifetime.

The first thing you will need to find is a Mother and a Father.  The Mother is much more important than the Father, so your most careful research must be to find a really good Mom!

A really good Mother should be a woman with the following qualities:

  • Your New Mom must be very aware of the spiritual universe, and be very certain that she knows that you and she are both Immortal Spiritual Beings.
  • Ideally, Your new Mom is someone you love, and trust and admire and desire to be with, and care for, for her entire lifetime, and yours.
  • Your New Mom should be your very best friend, as you will be closer to her and depend upon her more than any other person in the world.
  • She should be wise, educated, and cultured, physically fit and strong.
  • She should be a great cook, and know how to grow her own organic vegetables.
  • She must be a great dancer, artist, and music lover.
  • Your New Mom should be willing and able to communicate with you about anything.
  • She should be an intelligent teacher, a good listener and a student of wisdom and a seeker of Truth.
  • Most of all, Your New Mom should be full of Joy and Love and Compassion for all living creatures, especially You!
  • It is also very nice if Your New Mom has perfect breasts!  (This makes feeding time much more pleasurable.)

Once you have found and created a loving relationship with Your New Mom (before you die, of course) there are a few practical matters to take care of:Mother breastfeeding newborn baby

  • You must go to live near Your New Mom, so that you and she will be able to find each other when you depart from your old body.  You will be a disembodied spiritual being, so you must be very, very certain that you know where she is when you die!  Ideally, Your New Mom will already be pregnant when you leave your old body, so you don’t have to hang around waiting for your next body to be born!
  • If possible, Your New Mom and Father will have a very stable, loving, sensible relationship!  Having a really good Mom and Father is a huge bonus!  You New Dad should be strong, intelligent, athletic, educated, compassionate and fun loving.  It will help  if he likes kids too!
  • Your New Mom should live in a safe, quite, clean and beautiful natural environment where you and she can have a happy life together!

Next, get your legal and financial affairs in order.  Instead of leaving all your hard earned money from this lifetime to your ungrateful kids or your lawyer, plan to leave everything to YOURSELF so you can enjoy it in you Next Lifetime!

  • Arrange your Last Will and Testament to bequeath your money, property, assets, insurance benefits, investments, and any other valuable goods to Your New Mom.  (If,  for any reason, your new parents get divorced you will want Your Mom to have the money to support BOTH of you, so she doesn’t have to go to work for a living, and take you to a stupid day care center or public school!)
  • Make sure Your New Mom has copies of all your legal documents, and financial documents BEFORE you leave the body.

feedingNow, give Your New Mom a number of your special, personal possessions, photographs, and your personal memorabilia  to keep for you.  When you enter into you next body at birth, you will be able to identify these objects.  This will be “proof” that you and Your New Mom can use to verify that YOU and really YOU!  (The Llamas of Tibet use this trick to identify their fellow Llamas after death and rebirth.)

When the Blessed Event of Your Reincarnation draws near, leave your body as painlessly as possible, and hang out with Your New Mom until your Birthday comes!  ( Read the book “1,001 Things To Do While You’re Dead” ) for handy tips about things to do while your waiting for your next body to be born.

Finally, swoop down into the body, assume complete responsibility for it, and for Your New Mom, and begin enjoying your Next Life!


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SOME OF THE most compelling cases of reincarnation or past-life recall come from small children. If we have indeed lived previous lives, it is theorized that young children have sharper “memories” of their previous lives because they are closer to them, in a cosmic sense, and they details of those lives have not yet been obliterated by their new lives.

Here are four remarkable cases in which children have specific knowledge of people, places, and events – including their own deaths – that they could not possible have known…


When he was just three years old, Carl Edon of Middlesbrough, England began telling his parents of memories he had as a member of the Luftwaffe, the German air force during World War II. The memories persisted throughout Carl’s life, and so strong were these feelings of this past life that his parents, who were naturally skeptical of Carl’s claims, grew weary of hearing about it. So did his school friends, who began to tease Carl about his supposed reincarnation.

Carl even knew how he died in his past life. His plane, he claimed, was shot down over Middlesbrough and he was killed, with particular severe damage to his right leg. Carl believed that a birthmark at the top of his right leg was evidence of this past life injury.

All of Carl’s claims could easily have been dismissed as a young man’s fantasy… until a discovery seemed to verify his story.

In 1997, two years after Carl’s death (he was brutally murdered by a friend in 1995 at the age of 22), the wreckage of a German bomber was found — ironically, just a few hundred yards from where Carl had been stabbed to death.

What workers found in the plane debris was astonishing. The plane apparently had been downed by anti-aircraft fire, and the remains of one of the bodies found was that of Heinrich Richter, a turret gunner. Richter’s right leg had been detached in the crash.

All of this could just add up to a number of amazing coincidences, but one more item dug up by researchers will cause one to wonder: a photograph of Heinrich Richter. Placed side by side with a photo of Carl Edon (see photos above), one would be hard pressed to deny the striking resemblance between the two men.


Luke Ruehlman began telling his mother about his past life almost since he was able to talk at the age of two. According to his mom, Erika, Luke claimed that he was once a woman named Pam, who was forced to leap to her death from a burning building.

Now five, Luke doesn’t talk about his past life anymore, but when younger he would make such proclamations as, “When I was a girl, I had black hair,” and “I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl.”

Luke even recalled the process of his reincarnation, Erika says. “I died,” he told her. “I went up to heaven, and I saw God, and he pushed me back down and when I woke up, I was a baby and you named me Luke.”

Curious about the specifics in Luke’s story, Erika researched any case of a woman named Pam who leapt to her death from a building afire. She found a 1993 case involving a 30-year-old African American woman named Pamela Robinson, who died when the Paxton Hotel in Chicago caught fire.

Erika believes Pamela Robinson could be the past life her son recalled.


As a child, Ruprecht Schultz often exhibited behavior that deeply disturbed his parents when he became depressed. He would form his hand in the shape of a gun, press it against his temple and say, “I shoot myself.” He repeated this so often that his parents had to explicitly forbid him from doing it.

As he grew into adulthood in the late 19th century and early 20th century in Berlin, Germany, Ruprecht displayed an aptitude for business and started his own laundry and delivery service which quickly grew to employing as many as 200 people.

Ruprecht was 51 when World War II began in 1939 and he was assigned by city authorities to watch for fires. But something strange began to occur when Ruprecht would sit and review the account books for his business. He began to have flashes of a past life. You were in this situation once before, he would think to himself.

“I could see how I looked then,” he said in a recorded statement. “I was wearing a high collar and formal clothing. I had come from a ceremony on a special day. My business was finished. An employee had run off with the money — embezzled it and absconded. So I sat down with the account books and could see that there was no future. It was all over. Then I was in a room by myself and put a bullet into my head at the right temple. You would call these images clairvoyance, but for me, they are memories.”

As these memories intensified, Ruprecht could also recall the nature of his past-life business. “Since my earliest years,” he said, “I have had a distinct impression, with various details, that I was in a previous life somehow connected with ship building or shipping and that I shot myself.

I knew that it occurred in an old small or middle-sized seaport, and is seemed to me later and more clearly that this seaport was Wilhelmshaven. As for the date of these events — the suicide of the person I was — it has seemed to me that it would have been around 1885.”

Eager to verify these visions, Ruprecht wrote to the municipal authorities of several German seaside towns, including Wilhelmshaven, to see if they had any record of a business involved in the timber shipping business who shot himself. An official from Wilhelmshaven responded with the name Helmut Kohler and referred him to his still-living son, Ludwig Kohler.

Through correspondence, Ludwig was able to verify many of the details of his father’s life that Ruprecht seemed to recall: his business, the embezzled money and betrayal by his employee, the failure of his timber shipping business, and Helmut Kohler’s eventual suicide by putting a gun to his temple and pulling the trigger.

There is one interesting catch in this possible case of reincarnation: Ruprecht Schultz was born on October 19, 1887… more than a month before Helmut Kohler died on November 23, 1887! So how can this be? If this is a case of reincarnation, is it possible that Helmut Kohler’s soul or spirit entered the body of Ruprecht Schultz after he was born?


Little Nazih Al-Danaf had some very worrisome things to say to his parents before he even reached the age of two. “I am not small, I am big. I carry two pistols,” he told his mother. “I carry four hand-grenades. I am qabadai [a fearless strong person]. Don’t be scared by the hand-grenades. I know how to handle them. I have a lot of weapons. My children are young and I want to go and see them.”

These were words and concepts that Nazih’s parents could not imagine that he would have a grasp of. He even displayed an interest in cigarettes and whiskey, and spoke of a one-handed friend who was also a mute. He said he died from gunshots and even recalled the ride to the ambulance to the hospital.

Nazih told his parents he wanted to visit his hometown of Qaberchamoun, Lebanon, which was a little over ten miles from where they lived. His family had never been there, however, and didn’t know anyone who lived there.

When he was six years old, Nazih’s parents finally took him to Qaberchamoun. Little Nazih gave his father specific directions on where to go, which roads and turns to take. There they met a man, Kamal Khaddage, and explained what the boy had told them. Kamal said that it sounded like they were describing his father, Fuad Assad Khaddage, who died many years earlier.

This led to Nazih meeting the widow of Fuad Assad Khaddage, and she tested the boy with specific questions. “Who built the foundation of this gate at the entrance of this house?” she asked the small boy. “A man from the Faraj family,” Nazih replied. He was correct. She also verified many other details by questioning the boy that left no doubt about his past life identity.

When Nazih was shown a picture of Fuad Assad Khaddage and was asked who it was, he said, “This is me. I was big but now I am small.”

ARTICLE BY   By Stephen Wagner

(Source:  paranormal.about.com; July 5, 2015; http://tinyurl.com/ob66qrt)


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70 candle karmaI was inserted (as a Spiritual Being) into my current biological body on August 12, 1946, at the hospital in Albion, MI at 2:14 p.m..  So, as of today I have ridden the “Earth Ride” 70 times around the Sun. Another day, another Karmic Candle on the Cake of Life.

I have a vivid memory of viewing the green forests of central Michigan from about ten thousand feet above Earth seconds before “swooping down” into my “new body” 70 years ago.  This image is intensely real to me!  I have no slightest doubt that this was the moment at which I was “inserted” into the body I have inhabited during this lifetime with the name given to me by my parents: Lawrence Rodney Spencer.

After than moment the first “sentient” memory I have is of sitting in a high-chair being fed canned peaches by my mother at about the age of two years. I remember this moment as being the first time I asserted my personal opinion, and therefore, me identity.  I told my mother that the fruit she fed me were pears.  She insisted they were peaches.  I belligerently insisted that they were pears (knowing they were, in fact, peaches) in an effort to assert my “rightness”.  My mother was so upset by my argument that she began to cry in frustration. I was delighted to have created such a dramatic effect on my mother…on the one person who completely controlled me life. At that moment I knew that I was a unique individual. I was “me”!

During the intervening years since the birth of my body I have struggled to comprehend “who I really am”, a quest infinitely more painful than birth as it transcends the elements of time, space, energy, matter, and life itself.  I have always had a profound sense that “something isn’t right” about being stuck inside a biological body.  Indeed, I sensed that that being on the planet Earth was fundamentally wrong, and seriously fucked up!

When my body was young and physical fit (i.e. able to work all day and fuck all night) I was certain that I was, like most stupid human animals, invincible and physically immortal.  Now that my 70 year old body is crippled by arthritis and immobilized by a lifetime of cumulative work and sports related injuries I have become alarmingly aware of my personal and imminent physical mortality!

Moreover, as I have regained more awareness of my personal spiritual immortality, I have come to realize that I am NOT a biological entity, and that the planet Earth is not my “home”.  I am quite certain that the entire “physical universe” is nothing more than an illusory construct of the cumulative, agreed upon illusion created by the collective thoughts of all immortal beings who share the opinion that the physical universe is “reality”.  I have also become aware that this is nothing more or less than my “personal opinion” based on my unique and peculiar “point of view” within the context of what I consider to be my own, “personal reality”.  I am equally certain that my “reality” is only one of approximately 8 billion others on Earth.

During my current lifetime I usually held the opinion that any individual on Earth, as a spiritual being, was fundamentally transcendent, powerful and able to control their environment and their own, spiritual destiny.  After 70 years of observation, experience and evaluation I’ve discovered that this idea is bullshit.

Nicola Tesla, probably the most profound inventor, intellect and idealist in the history of Earth, summarized the human condition as follows:

“The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea.”

I puzzled for many years about the “reasons why” for this statement until I discovered the subject of Vedic Astrology.  I discovered, to my alarm and dismay, that our entire spiritual and biological existence on Earth is predetermined by a mathematical matrix that combines physical planets and mathematical constructs called “constellations” into “programs” that determine our thoughts, behavior, perceptions, emotions and destiny.

The book Alien Interview reveals that the Vedic Hymns were brought to Earth in the Himalaya Mountains of Northern India about ten thousand years ago by an extraterrestrial invasion space force called The Domain.  Coincidentally, the highly precise spiritual and mathematical science of Vedic Astrology, i.e. the technology of understanding the machinery of the “prison planet matrix” of Earth is manifested and revealed.

When I consulted a Vedic astrologer about my personal “program”, as pre-programmed and revealed by the exact date, time and physical location of my body birth, I asked him the following question:

“Is between lives amnesia caused by the loss of a biological body, and all of the pre-programmed behavior connected to it?”

His answer:  “Yes”.

When a being enters into a new body a new “program” begins based on the exact day, time, physical location of the body birth.  Conversely,  the program associated with the dead body disappears with the dead body, along with all memories associated with it, and replaced by a new program.  Memories associated with the dead body and it’s programming are replaced in the attention of the being with the programs and physical demands of a new body in a new location in a new lifetime.

Hypothetically, a being could avoid all of this confusion, turmoil and amnesia simply by avoiding the assumption of a new baby body on Earth.  “Avoid The Light” that beckons the being into a new program of biological imprisonment on Earth.  This theory sounds simple.  However, I have not personally met a being who has successfully avoided reincarnation, or the influences of the Astrological Programming associated with the solar system of Earth.

Karmic Fate or self-determination?  The Alien Interview transcripts tell us that Is-Bes who are incarcerated in biological bodies on Earth no longer possess the spiritual volition to choose their own lives and destiny.  Until we raise ourselves above the state of “human being”, or some invasion force dismantles the Astrological Programming machinery, we’re stuck here for the Rest of Eternity.  I don’t know if the information in this book is true or not.  However, it is something I’m thinking about today, as I conclude 70 years of incarnation in my current body.

As I begin another trip around the Sun I am hopeful that we can find ways to make our lives more enjoyable during the next 70 years than they have been since we were transplanted to Earth from other times, planets or universes.

— Lawrence R. Spencer,  August 12, 2016

REINCARNATION: THE PROOF ~ Maria Mozart and Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutsher was born in 2005. At the date of this video performance of her OWN COMPOSITION she was ELEVEN YEARS OLD…. I don’t think there is any doubt that she is the reincarnation of the sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Read more about her amazing musical career….  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alma_Deutscher