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Endless Cause. Eternity.

Encased in total nothingness

gets boring through infinity.

One craves a little randomness.

Escape from the “Eternal Me”.

We create, then change, and say, “Is Not”.

That’s how we make Reality;

The numbing, dumbing, drug of gods.

Illusions we make collectively,

delusions we all agreed upon.

Any game — but not no game.

Through crushing, crunching, gory death:

Boredom must not, will not remain!

I feel, I hear a seething breath,

convincing me I’ll play again.

I live!  I die!  Yet, I remain.

Reality: Escaping from Eternity.

It’s serious. It’s not just “let’s pretend”.

It really must to be serious: Reality.

Please don’t tell me how it ends!

Joy?  Love?  Brutality?

Constant feeling never ends.

I Know. I Am The Source. I Cause.

I think. It is. It won’t relent!

Eternity will never pause.

Inject me with some pretense!

Gods are blessed with The Curse.

All-Knowing, Seeing, Telling Truth.

It-Is-As-Is-Not-Is-As-Ever-It-Shall-Be: Cursed

with prescient, old, Eternal Youth.

Reality keeps “I AM” submerged.

With lies I numb my bitter brain

I manufacture silly games,

untruths to mask the cause I am.

I dwell in screeching, scorching pain

to feel there’s something here to gain.

Boredom, let me take breath!

Reality! Make it all relent!

Hide Me, Death and let me rest!

I’ll do anything! I will repent!

I’m not The One they should arrest!

The only crime I’ve ever done

was to be here and agree

we’re all alone: An Only One.

We’re all users of a drug: Reality.

But, good, bad or ugly: It’s always fun.