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Ants can support 100 times their own weight standing upside down on a pane of glass! As an organization ants make humanity look like a bunch of blind, stumbling, self-destructive fools. Watch this video and learn more about what real survivability is all about. They were here millions of years before us. When we’re gone, they’ll still be here. We can learn from them. 


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red rising“The Red Rising Trilogy is an epic Macho Cinderella Story. The story and characters are eloquently sculpted from well-weathered egalitarian clichés of Star-Wars-Hunger-Game-Of-Thrones post-apocalyptic-peasant-revolts set in a high-tech ultra-hierarchal-Greco-Roman-space-opera-society.  Brilliant prose, plot twists and legions of antagonists are collectively dedicated to dystopian gore, guts and glory of gold-obsessed class-based blood feuds wherein the purposelessness of human life is to learn to love pain and power.

Predictably, The “Golden Couple” get married and live happily ever after, as most human fantasy stories aspire… getting married, having babies, living in a castle, served and lauded by the peasants is a “happy ending”.

The unwritten story, as usual, is that humans all die, inevitably, with nostalgic finality to seek their reward in “The Veil”.

This trilogy is perfect Hollywood film fodder for servants of money-motivated vested interests of the planetary power elite. The subservient classes: Red, Pinks, Browns etc., will spend their minimum wages in theaters by the shovel full to wallow in the “beautiful dramatic pain” of egalitarian dreams crushed in the subterranean mines of Mars.

Sadly, the genius of Pierce Brown as a masterful wordsmith and epic storyteller is wasted on repeating the same worn out “Hero Epic” story line recycled ad nausea since the days of Homer. Humans live in painful servitude until they die to be rewarded in the “afterlife”.  All in a blink of the eye for the soulless of “gods” who worship power and gold.

Where have all the Immortals gone?  Buried in the gory-damn dust of impossible dreams.

~ Lawrence R. Spencer ~


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To consume, or not to consume?  This is the question: Whether ’tis Nobler in our minds to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous corporations, Or to withhold our commerce, And by not spending end them?

In a world ruled by Corporations and the government lobbyists they pay for, every day is Black Friday.  If you are a consumer, YOU are the one who decides which corporations rule, or not.


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In the history of this universe powerful spiritual truths – in the hands of priests – are perverted into religions confined inside the walls of stone temples constructed with enforced compliance to mortal men who teach empty rituals and superstitions intended to control and enslave souls.

Lawrence R. Spencer. 2001.