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Ants can support 100 times their own weight standing upside down on a pane of glass! As an organization ants make humanity look like a bunch of blind, stumbling, self-destructive fools. Watch this video and learn more about what real survivability is all about. They were here millions of years before us. When we’re gone, they’ll still be here. We can learn from them. 


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If you do not already appreciate the marvel of biological engineering found in life forms on Earth, and the inherent “harmony” of the physical universe, this sound recording may give you an new perspective.

Crickets have a short life span compared to humans.  A composer by the name of Jim Wilson recorded the sound of crickets and then slowed down the recording to the relative equivalent of the human lifespan.  The crickets sound like they are singing the most beautiful chorus of a human voice choir, in perfect harmony.  Though you may think it is human voices, everything you hear in this recording is in-fact crickets themselves!


 This recording contains two tracks played at the same time: The first is the natural sound of crickets played at regular speed while the second is the slowed down version of crickets’ voices.

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