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The “good news” is that I have seen “the truth”.  The “bad news” is that it cannot be unseen!  However the REAL NEWS is that “the truth” for me isn’t the same as “the truth” for you.  If this is “the truth”, then “the truth” is a personal opinion.  Logically, one can observe the so-called “reality” that people call “the truth” can’t be “real” because no two people share the exact same opinion as to what “the truth” is.  Therefore, “reality” must also be a personal opinion.  So, if every person keeps their personal opinions of “the truth” to themselves we can all enjoy a perfectly pleasant “reality” believing the “the truth” is “the truth”.  So, when you “see the truth” keep it to yourself, please.  I am busy convincing myself that “my truth” is “the ONLY truth” and that My Reality is Real! (and, in case you have any doubts what is or is not “the truth”, don’t worry about it.  Just read what I’ve written.  It’s “the truth”.