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“Biological bodies are specifically designed and designated as the lowest order of entity in the “Old Empire” caste system. When an IS-BE (Immortal Spiritual BEing) is sent to Earth, and then tricked or coerced into operating in a biological body, they are actually in a prison, inside a prison.”

~ Airl, from the book Alien Interview ~

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“…all sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: “IS-BE”. Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “is”, and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to “be”. 

Each IS-BE is told that they have a special purpose for being on Earth. But, of course there is no purpose for being in a prison — at least not for the prisoner. 

“The purpose of the prison planet is to keep IS-BEs on Earth, forever. Promoting ignorance, superstition, and war between IS-BEs helps to keep the prison population crippled and trapped behind “the wall” of electronic force screens. 

ALIEN INTERVIEWMystery reinforces the walls of the prison. 

Imagine what might happen if all of the inmates in the prison suddenly remembered that they have the right to be free! What if they suddenly realized that they have been falsely imprisoned and rise up as one against the guards? 

The prison is made of shadows in your mind. The shadows are made of lies, and pain, and loss, and fear. 

The true geniuses of civilization are those IS-BEs who will enable other IS-BEs to recover their memory and regain self-realization and self-determination. This issue is not solved through enforcing moral regulation on behavior, or through the control of beings through mystery, faith, drugs, guns or any other dogma of a slave society. And certainly not through the use of electric shock and hypnotic commands! 

The survival of Earth and every being on it depends on the ability to recover the memory of skills you have accrued through the trillenia; to recover the essence of yourself.”

— Excerpts from statements made by the crashed UFO pilot in Roswell, 1947

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india slumsI am very careful about the books I read, and who wrote them, and published them, and why.   I read a lot of books.  Not many novels.  Mostly non-fiction.   However, I started reading Shantaram after I did a lot of research about the author, Gregory David Roberts, and read parts of the book on the internet.  I bought the book because I think the author is an excellent writer, who escaped from a  20-year prison sentence in Australia fled to Bombay (Mumbai) where he lived for many years in the slums with the “untouchables” of India.  He spent most of his time as a solitary nurse treating the injuries and illnesses of his neighbors with a first aid kit in own his tiny hovel.  He never charged money.  He also sold drugs and worked for gangsters to earn a modest living while still in hiding as an escaped convict.  Later, the author was captured in Germany and completed serving his 20 year prison sentence.

What the novel Shantaram reveals about shantaramthe slums and ghettos of Mumbai is something that most Americans don’t know because nobody ever talks about “untouchables”! Poor people are “invisible” to the “upper classes”, i.e. people who earn more than a few dollars a day.   Sixty percent of the 20 million citizens of Mumbai live on only 6% of the land, within a stones throw of the wealthiest people in India. The oppressive disparity of wealth, health services and housing between the rich and poor is an issue in the U.S. and around the world, but most visible and extreme in Mumbai.

ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. SpencerI have known many very poor people from the slums of the southern states in the U.S..  They are the same kind of “untouchables” as the people who live in the slums of India.  These are the rapidly growing population of the private prison system in the U.S..  I am reading Shantaram because it is a novel about “untouchables”, written by a convict who also a nurse, a philosopher and an artist with the English language.  Alien Interview It was written by a nurse, dictated to her by an alien philosopher about “untouchables”, who are the entire population of prison planet Earth.   — Lawrence R. Spencer. 2015


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“…Earth, inherently, is a highly unstable planet. It is not suitable for settlement or permanent habitation for any sustainable civilization.  This is part of the reason why it is being used as a prison planet.  No one else would seriously consider living here for a variety of simple and compelling reasons:

1) The continental land masses of Earth are floating on a sea of molten lava beneath the surface which causes the land masses to crack, crumble and drift continually. [i] (Footnote)

2) Because of the liquid nature of the core, the planet is largely volcanic and subject to earthquakes and volcanic explosions.

3) The magnetic poles of the planet shift radically about once every 20,000 years. [ii] (Footnote)  This causes a greater or lesser degree of devastation as a result of tidal waves, and climatic changes.

4)  Earth is very distant from the center of the galaxy and from any other significant galactic civilization.  This isolation makes it unsuitable for use, except as a “pit stop” or jumping off point along the way between galaxies.  The moon and asteroids are far more suitable for this purpose because they do not have any significant gravity.

5) Earth is a heavy gravity planet, with heavy metallic soil and a dense atmosphere.  This makes it treacherous for navigational purposes.  That fact that I am in this room, as the result of an in flight accident, in spite of the technology of my craft and my extensive expertise as a pilot, are proof of these facts.”

— Excerpted from the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer


[i]  “The land masses continually crack, crumble and drift.”

Plate tectonics (from Greek τέκτων, tektōn “builder” or “mason”) is a theory of geology that has been developed to explain the observed evidence for large scale motions of the Earth’s lithosphere. The theory encompassed and superseded the older theory of continental drift from the first half of the 20th century and the concept of seafloor spreading developed during the 1960s.

The outermost part of the Earth’s interior is made up of two layers: above is the lithosphere, comprising the crust and the rigid uppermost part of the mantle. Below the lithosphere lies the asthenosphere. Although solid, the asthenosphere has relatively low viscosity and shear strength and can flow like a liquid on geological time scales. The deeper mantle below the asthenosphere is more rigid again. This is, however, not because of cooler temperatures but due to high pressure.

The lithosphere is broken up into what are called tectonic plates — in the case of Earth, there are seven major and many minor plates. The lithospheric plates ride on the asthenosphere. These plates move in relation to one another at one of three types of plate boundaries: convergent or collision boundaries, divergent or spreading boundaries, and transform boundaries. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain-building, and oceanic trench formation occur along plate boundaries. The lateral movement of the plates is typically at speeds of 5 – 10 centimeters / yr.”

— Reference:  Wikipedia.org

[ii] The magnetic poles of the planet shift radically about once every 20,000 years”.

“The pole shift theory is a hypothesis that the axis of rotation of a planet has not always been at its present-day locations or that the axis will not persist there; in other words, that its physical poles had been or will be shifted. Pole shift theory is almost always discussed in the context of Earth, but other solar system bodies may have experienced axial reorientation during their existences.

Pole shift theories are not to be confused with plate tectonics, the well-accepted geological theory that the Earth’s surface consists of solid plates which shift over a fluid asthenosphere; nor with continental drift, the corollary to plate tectonics which maintains that locations of the continents have moved slowly over the face of the earth, resulting in the gradual emerging and breakup of continents and oceans over hundreds of millions of years.

Pole shift theories are also not to be confused with Geomagnetic reversal, the periodic reversal of the earth’s magnetic field (effectively switching the north and south magnetic poles). Geomagnetic reversal has more acceptance in the scientific community than pole shift theories.”

— Reference:  Wikipedia.org