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Bad Christmas GiftsI publish this Blog as a “public service”.  Anyone can subscribe free of charge.  I invest hundreds of hours searching for or creating unique content that I think might be enlightening, educational, or entertaining.  This is the “season of giving”.  I “give” nearly every day during the entire year, trying to keep you ungrateful bastards entertained.  So, the least you can do is the give something back!  So, break out your credit card and buy some of my books! Is this too much to ask? Just think of all the money you’re going to waste of stupid xmas presents for stuff that no one will remember after two weeks.  So, buy some books!  READ the books!  Give the books as presents!  At least one of my books might look good sitting on a book shelf next to the  stupid knick-knack your Aunt Sally gave you last year!  I mean, would it KILL you to spend twenty bucks for a couple of books?  Really?  Some of the books I’ve written or edited are really pretty good, I my opinion.  But, YOU will NEVER know until you BUY ONE!  So, get off your lazy ass, break out a credit card and BUY MY BOOKS!!!  Do I have to BEG?  Really?

If you buy my books, I’ll get a small royalty check.  Then, I’ll have some money to buy some stupid presents for my friends who won’t remember what I gave them in 2 weeks, etc…

Anyway, have a “happy holiday season”!




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Johnathan RenshawSo far in my nearly 70 years I’ve written and published 8 books.  None of my books have enjoyed the global readership of a book I did NOT write, but edited.  I spend the vast majority of my time reading books written by literary adepts and master story-tellers.  Reading is not merely entertainment.  It is the mind and imagination of beings communicating their thoughts, memories and musings, through symbols, to others.  There are 450,000 NEW BOOKS published every year, in Kevin Hearneaddition to the millions that have accumulated since the printing press was “invented” in Europe in by the German Johannes Gutenberg around 1440.   Personally, I listen to audiobooks.  The combination of masterful writing combined with state of the art performance is nothing less than magic.  Since my personal interests tend to vary from esoteric to bizarre, it stick to science fiction, primarily.  However, I enjoy a good story, well told.

Benedict JackaIn modern publishing writers no longer write ONE book.  They write a SERIES of books.  This is based on the sales and marketing-driven capitalist culture that exploded in Europe a few hundred years ago.  So, lately,  I’m not reading “books”.  I’m reading a “series” 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 books!  However, when you find an author you really enjoy this is a good was to swim deeply into the ocean of a genre or universe, rather than surfing the shallow shores of television, film, or — gods forbid — social media.Jim Butcher

Here are a few of the “series” I’ve read or am reading.  Three of these books are my first voyage on the ocean of “Magic Mystery”, i.e. Druids, Mages and Wizards in the roles of  spell-casting superheros fighting an assortment of supernatural villains: to my delight and continuing enchantment! I recommend them to you.  Search the fantastic library available on Audible.com  and your favorite on-line bookstores to find your own.