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Picture Poems a poems written for, and pasted on, pictures, paintings or graphic art. The poem describes or emulated the picture in verse.


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1) Write and record music to go with the lyrics of  “I Got Dem (Reincarnation) Blues” .

2) Send an MP3 or video recording of your performance of the song to us at:

3) The top 5 versions will be published.

4) Any and all sales proceeds will be donated to your favorite charity.




I got dem meat body,

don’t know how I got down,

musta’ got shot down,

stuck in my head, blues.


I got dem titty suckin’,

sleepin’, walkin’

growin’  and cryin’,

wet, shitty diaper, blues.


I got dem anticipatin’,

gotta be creatin’,

start new relations,

re-educatin’, blues.


I got dem groin hair growin’,

hormones a’ roarin’,

loins don’t stop achin, lusty sensations,

datin’, matin’, fornicatin’ blues.


I got dem eatin’ meat bodies,

army drilling’, rapin’ and pillagin’,

hamburger grillin’, can’t stop killin’,

don’t let ’em beat you, blues.


I got dem “now I’m supposed to”,

“be what I’m told to”,

“don’t be day-dreamin’ “,

“what’s it all meanin’ ?, blues.


I got dem go to work steady”,

raise up a family,

do what the boss says,

got to pay taxes”, blues.


I got dem “do what the preacher say”,

“wait till next pay day”,

“don’t matter anyway”,

“Be Good ’til Doomsday”, Blues.


I got dem can’t out-create,

ain’t safe to say,

family beratin’,

self-abnigatin’, blues.


I got dem “too late now”,

pains in my bones,

doctors don’t know,

gonna die soon, blues.


I got dem creepy worm eatin’,

don’t recall nothin’,

startin’ all over,

got to get me another meat body, blues.

REPEAT (ad infinitum)


Lyrics by Lawrence R. Spencer. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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Without seeking, one may know all under heaven;
Without finding, one may know the way of heaven.
The wise man knows without searching,
Understands without thinking, accomplishes without acting.

To know when one does not understand is a virtue;
Failing to know that one does not understand is an error.
One becomes more perfect each time an error is corrected.
But One who knows but does not act accordingly, does not know

Be honest with those who are honest. Also be honest
With those who are dishonest; thus is honesty attained.
All beings as basically good. However, prevent those who
do evil from harming others for even they are basically good.

What separates goodness and badness ?
What difference is there between yes and no ?
What distinguishes beauty and ugliness ?
Front and rear join in the center.
Being and non-being are a circle of decision.

The way of heaven conquers without war,
Speaks little but answers well, is always present
Without being summoned, is not rushed but is well planned.
The wise man is skilled in all of his undertakings.

He who is skilled at counting needs no counting devices.
He who is fluid in speech needs no script to guide him.
A man of skill practices skill and conquers reality.
A man who fails practices failure and is conquered.

Walls form and support a room, yet the space between them is most important.
A pot is formed of clay, yet the space formed thereby is most useful.
Action is caused by the force of nothing on something,
just as the nothing of spirit animates the flesh.

One suffers great afflictions because one has a body.
Without a body what afflictions could one suffer?
When one cares more for the body than for the spirit
One becomes the body and looses the way of heaven.

He who looks will not see it; he who listens will not hear it;
He who gropes will not grasp it.


Poem “Laotzu is that you?” from “PAN-GOD OF THE WOODS” by Lawrence R. Spencer. Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Photo was taken on April 21, 2010 in Bohinjsko Jezero, Radovljica, SI  © 2010 Mitja Kobal-Cwithe @