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NOT RESPONSIBLE ( painting by Michael Parkes — “The Golden Serpent” )

“On Earth, the propaganda taught and agreed upon is that the gods are responsible, and that human beings are not responsible.   You are taught that only a god can create universes. So, the responsibility for every action is assigned to another IS-BE or god. Never oneself.” ~ Alien interview


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(painting by Michael Parkes)

“She used to drag her mattress beside her low window and lie awake for a long while, vibrating with excitement, as a machine vibrates from speed. Life rushed in upon her through that window – or so it seemed. In reality, of course, life rushes from within, not from without.”


Willa CatherWilla Cather (1873-1947), American author and teacher, considered to be one of the best chroniclers of pioneering life in the 20th century wrote My Ántonia (1918).

“No romantic novel ever written in America, by man or woman, is one half so beautiful as My Antonia.”   In this symphonically powerful and magnificently observed novel, Willa Cather created one of the most winning heroines in American fiction, a woman whose robust high spirits and calm, undemonstrative strength make her emblematic of the virtues Cather most admired in her country. We first meet Antonia Shimerda as the young daughter of a Bohemian immigrant who in time will be driven to suicide by the oceanic loneliness of life on the Nebraska prairie. Through the eyes of Jim Burden, her tutor and disappointed admirer, we follow Antonia from farm to town and through hardships both natural and human, surviving everything from poverty to a failed romance– and not only surviving, but triumphing.

READ THE BOOK “My Antonia” on-line:  http://www.online-literature.com/willa-cather/my-antonia/

VISIT THE WILLA CATHER Foundation Website:   www.willacather.org/


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I consider Michael Parkes to be the greatest living American artist.  I have the privilege of attending his annual exhibition at the Borsini-Burr Gallery near Half-Moon Bay, CA this coming week-end!  Michaels’ 69th birthday will be celebrated as part of this show.  You can learn more about the fantastic art of Michael Parkes on his official website  http://www.theworldofmichaelparkes.com/cm/Home.html

Here is a short video of a similar show Michael presented at this gallery in 2012.  Enjoy.