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YouTube Channel for the book “Alien Interview”, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer


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Here is another marvelous episode of the now defunct “Rocketboom” internet show. Here MemeMolly tells us about how the “electromagnetic spectrum” works. It is VERY interesting to note that HUMAN BODIES are able to perceive only a VERY TINY percentage of the entire spectrum (which is nearly infinite). But, more interesting is that the chemical components of the atmosphere surrounding the infamous planet “Earth” are specifically and uniquely suited to ensure that human being are literally BLIND with regard to our inability to perceive more than an infinitely SMALL part of the entire spectrum of available energy conveyed by the the waves of energy particles that saturate our environment! What happens when you die, or depart from your body? Are you able to “see” more clearly without a body? To learn more, read the book ALIEN INTERVIEW.

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This book is dedicated to all living beings who expect to die sometime and to all of the dead people who ever lived who may still be living somewhere, sometime, somehow. This book is also dedicated to all of the people who are living that may need some ideas about what to do with themselves after they die. Finally, this book is dedicated to all the people who will soon be living by virtue of one or more of the following circumstances: birth, rebirth, resurrection, reincarnation, transconfiguration, cryogenic resuscitation, invasion of alien beings, angels falling out of grace, an act of one or more gods, transformation or transmigration, arrival from a different time / space / universe / plane of existence, unimaginable others, Whoever you were, are, or will be, I trust that you will enjoy the “Rest of Eternity”.   — Lawrence R. Spencer

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