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I don’t think we are living during the worst time in the history of this planet.  Not even close.  In fact, the average standard of living on this planet for “The Chosen Ones” — we who invaded the American continent and slaughtered everything in sight — where only exercising our god-given “Manifest Destiny” to rule the world and enslave all of the non-caucasian races, despoil the forests and oceans and slaughter every living organism we found to be edible.  Murder, meat-eating gore, plunder, rape, slavery, brutality, war and overwhelming stupidity are the usual, ordinary behavior of homo sapiens.  If you think times are bad now, you have amnesia or you’ve never studied history — or both.

So, if you feel like things are f*cked up, just remember that you, me, we, all together, f*cked it up actively or passively.  Congratulation!  We’ve done any excellent job so far and will continue to do so unless we all go out and find the mutherf*ckers who really did f*ck it up and kill those f*ckers!