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“No physical evidence will ever be uncovered to substantiate the notion that modern humanoid bodies evolved on this planet.
The reason is simple: the idea that human bodies evolved spontaneously from the primordial ooze of chemical interactivity in the dim mists of time is nothing more than a hypnotic lie instilled by the amnesia operation to prevent your recollection of the true origins of Mankind. Factually, humanoid bodies have existed in various forms throughout the universe for trillions of years.  There are as many varieties of life forms as there are grains of sands on the beach. ” — excerpt from the book ALIEN INTERVIEW


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If we all lived in a country like India where reincarnation is a fact, rather than a fantasy,  we might realize that human beings are spiritual beings trapped in biological bodies who have been repeatedly reincarnated with no memory of their previous incarnation: amnesia.

It is obvious that human beings do not learn anything from history: we  continue to repeat the same insane behaviors life after life: military madmen preach war, bankers covertly create economic chaos, priests make man-made religious superstition, sexual perverts pose as philanthropists, vicious criminals murder repeatedly, insane politicians create starvation, disease, privation,  and governments produce stupidity, pain and mystery.  These are the conditions that have prevailed throughout the history of the human species.

Is it not obvious that human beings on Earth are spiritual beings — sane or insane — who are suffering from amnesia?  What other explanation is there for the repetition of insane and self-destructive human behavior during thousands of years of human history?

What is the remedy?  Remember who you really are.