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UNPLANNED BREEDINGpopulation explosion graphWorld_Population_2050

“We have been God-like in our planned breeding of our domesticated plants and animals, but we have been rabbit-like in our unplanned breeding of ourselves.”

Arnold Toynbee (14 April 1889 – 22 October 1975) was a British historian whose twelve-volume analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations, A Study of History, 1934–1961, was a synthesis of world history, a metahistory based on universal rhythms of rise, flowering and decline, which examined history from a global perspective.


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Human beings are essentially immortal spiritual beings who inhabit fragile biological bodies that live for an average of about 60 years, after which time the being is “reincarnated” (recycled) into a new body to begin a new “lifetime”.  So, how many “lifetimes” might a being have on Earth?  Here are a few interesting statistics based on information in the following website:
Assuming that we start counting from about 50,000 B.C., the time when modern Homo sapiens appeared on the earth, it has been estimated that a total of approximately 106 billion human beings have been born, making the population currently alive roughly 6% of all people who have ever lived on planet Earth.
Current human population is about 7.7 billion.  The North American population is only about 5% of the total…. (Sorry, USA/Canada, in spite of your enormous egocentric self-importance, you are NOT the center of the universe, or even the planet.)
With the current Rate of Birth, (see graphic above) from a reincarnation perspective, the odds of being born into a new baby body in North America are about 95 TO ONE AGAINST.  Your odds of being born in Asia or Africa are 7 in 10.  (this might be a good time to start learning to speak Chinese or Hindi, or one of HUNDREDS of other languages spoken by “minorities”.  🙂
For details about WHY and HOW reincarnation happens this way on Earth, read the book ALIEN INTERVIEW (https://alieninterview.org/)


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prison planet

“…the very unusual combination of “inmates” on Earth – criminals, perverts, artists, revolutionaries and geniuses – is the cause of a very restive and tumultuous environment. The purpose of the prison planet is to keep IS-BEs (Immortal Spiritual Beings) on Earth forever. Promoting ignorance, superstition, and war between IS-BEs helps to keep the prison population crippled and trapped behind “the wall” of electronic force screens.

IS-BEs have been dumped on Earth from all over the galaxy, adjoining galaxies, and from planetary systems all over the “Old Empire”, like Sirius, Aldebaron, the Pleiades, Orion, Draconis, and countless others. There are IS-BEs on Earth from unnamed races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments. Each of the various IS-BE populations have their own languages, belief systems, moral values, religious beliefs, training and unknown and untold histories.

These IS-BEs are mixed together with earlier inhabitants of Earth who came from another star system more than 400,000 years ago to establish the civilizations of Atlanta and Lemuria.”

—  Excerpt from the book Alien Interview received from Roswell Army Air Force Nurse Matilda MacElroy, edited and published by Lawrence R. Spencer.