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georgia-guidestoneIf you have read the book Alien Interview you will know that the “prison planet” population of Earth has not been controlled by the “Old Empire” since  the year 1,250 AD.   According to the “Georgia Guidestones”, which were allegedly constructed by the “New World Order” or “Illuminati”, the stated intention is to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000”.    Why 500 million?

The following are  excerpts from the book ALIEN INTERVIEW.  Note the date at which human population reached 500 million.

“A renaissance of invention on Earth began in * 1,250 AD with the destruction of the “Old Empire” space fleet in the solar system. During the next 500 years, Earth may have the potential to regain autonomy and independence, but only to the degree that humankind can apply the concentrated genius of the IS-BEs on Earth to solve the amnesia problem. (SEE CHARTS BELOW)

However, on a cautionary note, the inventive potential of the IS-BEs who have been exiled to this planet is severely compromised by the criminal elements of the Earth population. Specifically, politicians, war-mongers and irresponsible physicists who create unlimited weapons such as nuclear bombs, chemicals, diseases and social chaos. These have the potential to extinguish all life forms on Earth, forever.”

“The Domain has observed that since the “Old Empire” space forces were destroyed there is no one left to actively prevent other planetary systems from bringing their own “untouchable” IS-BEs to Earth from all over this galaxy, and from other galaxies nearby. Therefore, Earth has become a universal dumping ground for this entire region of space.”

FOOTNOTE: The Georgia Guidestones refers to population reduction happening on “THE DAY OF THE LORD’S WRATH”  i.e.  “In the biblical canon, the earliest, direct use of the phrase is in Isaiah 2: “For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low” (Isaiah 2:12). Another early use of the phrase is in Amos 5:18-20.   …the phrase was already a standard one, and Amos’ hearers would take it to mean “the day when Yahweh would intervene to put Israel at the head of the nations, irrespective of Israel’s faithfulness to Him.— (Wikipedia.org)

You will also note that (according the the Alien Interview transcripts) “Yahweh” was the “agent” of the “Old Empire” who intercepted Moses in the desert after the escape of the Jewish slaves from Egypt  and gave them the “10 Hypnotic Commands”.

* The “official” human population estimates (BELOW) do NOT include the population of the AMERICAN CONTINENTS.  Reliable estimates say that there were 100 MILLION people living on the North and South American Continents when Columbus “discovered” them.  Therefore, the GLOBAL population in 1250 AD would have been approximately 500 million.



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“The primary difference between IS-BEs of The Domain and those of the physical universe is the condition known as “games”.  In The Domain it has long been observed that in order for each individual IS-BE to remain free from intrusion or tyranny imposed on them by more powerful, or less ethical IS-BEs, (Immortal Spiritual Beings) we must cooperate to defend and nurture each other.  A principle of benevolent mutual respect for all IS-BEs, and the universes they create / occupy, is referred to as “All-Mother”. 

“All-Mother” is a philosophy in which the behavior or conduct of an individual and groups of IS-BEs is adjudicated based on the logical premise that in order to sustain optimum freedom, order and serenity for all IS-BEs, each IS-BE must serve all IS-BEs. 

This premise is not intended to eliminate disagreements between IS-BEs, but to mitigate destruction or chaotic behavior between them.

“All-Mother” assures the inherent right of an individual IS-BE to approach, depart from, or not interact, with other IS-BEs while maintaining an optimum serenity. 

The purpose of The Domain is to defend the right of an individual or group of IS-BEs to create a universe, or not, at their own discretion.

It has been observed that when responsibility for maintaining organization within the co-created universe shared by all IS-BEs is not defended and preserved, each individual IS-BE is deprived of the freedom assured by the power of a collaborative, creative will and combined power.

The Omniscient and Omnipotent Matriarch (abbrev: Omnimat) is an IS-BE who acts as magistrate of The Domain.

  • Through preeminent power, wisdom and benevolence, Omnimat supervises and enforces the principle of All-Mother within The Domain. 
  • Omnimat does not create, destroy or alter universes. 
  • Omnimat may, or may not, enforce penalties or restrictions upon IS-BEs when violations of the principle of All-Mother occur within The Domain. 
  • The discretion and judgment of Omnimat are inviolate.
  • Omnimat enforces all judgments.

To the degree that IS-BEs of The Domain do not need or desire admiration, and are not compelled to “play” a game at all times, the power, stability and serenity of The Domain remains relatively stable, when compared to the physical universe.

(The physical universe is, by definition, an infinite, icy void cluttered with random sources of savage energy combined with mindless chunks of matter.  The massive and chaotic construction of the physical universe is utterly antipathetic to the spiritual “nothingness” which is the intelligent source of life forms and of universes.)”

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“The asteroid belt near Earth is a very small, but important location for The Domain in this part of space. Actually, some of the objects in our solar system are very valuable for use as low-gravity “space stations”. They are interested primarily in the low gravity satellites in this solar system which consists mainly of the side of the moon facing away from Earth and the asteroid belt, which was a planet that was destroyed billions of years ago, and to a lesser degree, Mars and Venus. Domed structures synthesized from gypsum or underground bases covered by electromagnetic force screens are easily constructed to house the Domain forces.”  — Quoted from 1947 Roswell UFO crash pilot interview transcripts published in the book Alien Interview

ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. SpencerCeres is the largest object in the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is composed of rock and ice, is 950 kilometers (590 miles) in diameter, and comprises approximately one third of the mass of the asteroid belt.This animation shows a sequence of images taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft on May 4, 2015, from a distance of 8,400 miles (13,600 kilometers), in its RC3 mapping orbit. The image resolution is 0.8 mile (1.3 kilometers) per pixel. In this closest-yet view, the brightest spots within a crater in the northern hemisphere are revealed to be composed of many smaller spots. However, their exact nature remains unknown.  (Wikipedia.org)

Dawn’s mission is managed by JPL for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. Dawn is a project of the directorate’s Discovery Program, managed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. UCLA is responsible for overall Dawn mission science. Orbital ATK, Inc., in Dulles, Virginia, designed and built the spacecraft. The German Aerospace Center, the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, the Italian Space Agency and the Italian National Astrophysical Institute are international partners on the mission team. For a complete list of acknowledgements, visit http://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/mission.

Ceres-Tom-Ruen-montage-May-11Ceres photographed on May 3 and 4 by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft show multiple white spots inside the 57-mile-wide crater located in the asteroid’s  northern hemisphere. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA / montage by Tom Ruen


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~ from the science fiction book Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission, by Lawrence R. Spencer

“The following excerpt from the historical preface to the  “Doctrine of The Eternally Benevolent Domain“.  This is a poetic abridgement of the philosophical principle of “All-Mother”.  The verses were written by the pre-Dominion poet, Shalnam-Aran, and officially adopted as a part of The Doctrine of The Eternally Benevolent Domain billions of years ago.  It is included here as an aid to recovering your memory as a member of the lost battalion:

  1. “Without seeking, one may know All-Mother.
  2. Without finding, one may know The Way of All-Mother.
  3. The Omniscient and Omnipotent Matriarch knows without searching, understands without thinking, acts without motion.
  4. To know that one does not understand is wise;
  5. Failing to know that one does not understand is folly.
  6. A wise being treats errors as misestimations of force.
  7. One becomes more able when force is used correctly.
  8. The proper use of force is to prevent those who harm others from harming others. This is benevolent for All.
  9. To use force without benevolent intention is foolish.
  10. Order, with Benevolence, ensures freedom and integrity for All.
  11. A trustworthy Being is honest with those who are honest.
  12. A trustworthy Being is honest with those who are dishonest.
  13. When a being can be trusted, integrity and benevolence may be attained for All.
  14. All beings, unless forcefully abused, are essentially benevolent.
  15. All-Mother defines the myriad shades of Benevolence.
  16. Who distinguishes the subtleties of beauty and ugliness?
  17. Being and non-being are a decision to be, or not to be.
  18. Benevolence is caused by All Beings in The Eternal Now.
  19. The Way of All-Mother embraces each Being with trust and Benevolent intent.
  20. All-Mother begins, as does Trust, with the decision to Be Benevolence.
  21. We, Immortal Benevolent Beings, embody All-Mother.
  22. Collectively, we are The Source of Eternal Benevolence.
  23. A Being creates and is responsible for creation.
  24. One creates, creates, creates, creates, or does not.
  25. If One does not create, no universe is perceived.
  26. One causes a universe with Creative Thought.
  27. Thought creates the boundaries of a space.
  28. Boundaries form the illusion of space.
  29. The space therein is filled with forms of thought.
  30. Placing forms therein, location and space are perceived.
  31. A universe of forms in motion, monitored, is time.
  32. The change of forms are caused by Beings.
  33. Changing forms, agreed upon, are mutually perceived.
  34. Mutual perception, agreed upon, is reality.
  35. One who looks will not see All-Mother.
  36. One who listens will not hear All-Mother.
  37. One who gropes will not grasp All-Mother.
  38. All-Mother is formless nonentity.
  39. All-Mother is motionless source of motion.
  40. The infinite essence of Being is the source of life.
  41. All-Mother is Self as a Benevolent Spirit.
  42. The Self, the Spirit, creates illusion.
  43. The delusion of Beings is that All is not an illusion.
  44. One creates illusion, enjoying, renewing, destroying.
  45. Creation and Joy of Being are The Way of All-Mother.
  46. Beings pretend to be forms to play a game.
  47. Beings may endows forms with sensation and feels pleasure therein.
  48. Pain is a game of suffering forms.
  49. Without a form, can one suffer?
  50. One may forget Ones Self and become a form.
  51. One becomes form: One loses The Way of All-Mother.
  52. Benevolent Creation is Pleasure.
  53. All-Mother is The Way of Eternal Pleasure.

Excerpted from the poem, “All-Mother: The Way of Benevolent Being”, verses 1 – 53 by Shalnam-Aran from The Doctrine of The Eternally Benevolent Domain