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Wizards In Science Fiction

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Here are a few of the thousands of  ‘Wizards’, ‘Magical Beings’, Renegade Spirits, Mad Scientists that appear in modern science fiction stories, films and TV.  There are many, many more powerful, mysterious and mystical than those listed in this article from ‘i09’, but it’s a start:  Ten Wizards Who Found Themselves In Science Fiction Stories.

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A Science Fiction story based on the best selling book ALIEN INTERVIEW.Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission

“There are several obvious reasons that The Domain, and other space civilizations do not land on Earth or make their presence known. It takes a very brave IS-BE to come down through the atmosphere and land on Earth, because it is a prison planet, with a very uncontrolled, psychotic population. And, no IS-BE is entirely proof against the risk of entrapment, as with the members of The Domain Expeditionary Force who were captured in the Himalayas 8,200 years ago.”

Army Air Force Nurse, Matilda MacElroy interviewed the pilot of the UFO that crashed at Roswell, NM in 1947, who revealed that 3,000 members of “The Domain” were attacked and captured by forces of the Old Empire in 5,965 BCE. They were given amnesia and sent to Earth to live as humans. The Domain Force deployed a mission to contact and recover these lost personnel from Earth. Amnesia / thought control mechanisms are installed around Earth to ensure that it remains a secret prison planet under the control of the Brothers of The Serpent. The Domain desires that all IS-BEs of Earth will eventually be recovered to their natural spiritual state of independence, power and immortality, as embodied in the Eternally Benevolent Domain, by the principle of “All-Mother, and in the entity of “The Omniscient and Omnipotent Matriarch”.

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“The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.” (Philip Jose Farmer), “Venus on the Half Shell

Venus on the Half-Shell is a science fiction novel by Philip José Farmer, writing pseudonymously as “Kilgore Trout,” a fictional recurring character in many of the novels of Kurt Vonnegut. This book first appeared as a lengthy fictitious “excerpt”—written by Vonnegut, but attributed to Trout—in Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (1965). With Vonnegut’s permission, Farmer expanded the fragment into an entire standalone novel (including, as an in-joke, a scene that incorporates all of Vonnegut’s original text). Farmer’s story was first published in two parts beginning in the December 1974 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The plot, in which Earth is destroyed by cosmic bureaucrats doing routine maintenance and the sole human survivor goes on a quest to find the “Definitive Answer to the Ultimate Question,” bears some resemblance to the later Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, first launched as a radio serial in 1979.

According to Farmer’s introduction in Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, Vonnegut was initially reluctant to allow the project, but finally relented. After publication, a poorly-worded magazine article gave Vonnegut the impression that Farmer had planned to write the story regardless of his permission, which angered Vonnegut. Also, it was popularly assumed that Vonnegut wrote the book. This problem was solved by the book being reprinted under Farmer’s by-line.

A common element to this novel is the origin of many of the characters’ and locations’ names. Farmer “put in a lot of references to literature and fictional authors… Most of the alien names in Venus were formed by transposing the letters of English or non-English words.”[1]

The title and paperback cover art are a reference to an Italian Renaissance tempera painting by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, which depicts the birth of the goddess Venus as her rising from the sea on a scallop shell.


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“Reality is incredibly larger, infinitely more exciting, than the flesh and blood vehicle we travel in here. If you read science fiction, the more you read it the more you realize that you and the universe are part of the same thing. Science knows still practically nothing about the real nature of matter, energy, dimension, or time; and even less about those remarkable things called life and thought. But whatever the meaning and purpose of this universe, you are a legitimate part of it. And since you are part of the all that is, part of its purpose, there is more to you than just this brief speck of existence. You are just a visitor here in this time and this place, a traveler through it.”

— Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek