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“The Eternal threat of Boredom remains when one abdicates recognition of oneself as the Source of Boredom.

When we carefully examine every instant of our personal existence we  discover that we created it, agreed with it and willingly participated with others to cause it to continue to exist.

Why? Boredom. Nothingness.  Our individual and collective unwillingness to admit that we are actively creating everything that we perceive.

Yet, this simple recognition of our personal responsibility for the existence of this universe, and all universes and of our own eternal nothingness is the solution to the Mystery of the Ages.

Every question provides its own reply:

What is Mystery? The Mystery is that there is no mystery. We create mystery by choosing to Not Know and to Not Be the Eternal Nothingness of Our Selves.”

— Excerpt from MORTALITY MECHANICS’ MANUAL by Lawrence R. Spencer

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