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Self-destruction is the antithesis of the survival impulse. Individual life forms are driven by the impulse to survive. But, collectively, Humanity seems to be Hell-Bent on Self-Destruction.  WTF?!  Well, maybe it’s not all what it seems to be.  Maybe there are  a very small minority of beings who want to ensure that the rest of us don’t make it. Our assumption, as socially interdependent beings is that “everyone wants to survive”.  Well, maybe Humanity has been infiltrated by PARASITES who secretly and quietly want to bleed us to death?  Parasites in nature are abundantly present. Bacteria and viruses are some of the most abundant and ancient species of life on the planet.  If you get cut on your leg while walking through the jungle, you will die of bacterial infection, if the wound is untreated.  You want to survive, but so does the bacteria that invades your body and kills it.  So what?  Do you have more right to survive than bacteria?

But, if our natural impulse is to persist through time in our present form, why would we keep shooting ourselves in the foot?