LRS Audiobooks

I love to listen to audio books!  It allows me to “read” a book while doing other things, like driving, walking, shopping, washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, doing the laundry, feeding the cat, working out at the gym, sitting outside on the patio, and other “mindless” activities that require very little attention.  I listen to one audio book every week, or more.  You can get a very affordable monthly subscription from  Every month you can download one or more books and listen to them on your phone, iPod, iPad, computer, or MP3 player.  Try it for FREE for one month!

Listen to Samples and Download My Audio books from

1001 things cover

Alien Interview cover

Big Bleep cover

Domain cover

MMManual cover

Sherlock Holmes cover

The Oz Factors cover

Vermeer cover

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