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Here is a recent e-mail I received from a reader of the book ALIEN INTERVIEW:


“Dear Lawrence,  This book allowed me to change my thoughts from a blaming attitude of looking for the “why” in things, to a wider acceptance of life as it is.  By reading this book I was reminded that there is no answer to the small why’s.  The small why’s  represent the bigger why: the question which asks why we are here.  It is clear.  It is the answer I have been looking for probably since early youth.  I feel guided and supported. Mostly, I feel free. Now I am free to enjoy my life, every moment, as the big why is answered and smaller why’s are no longer relevant. I want to thank you for this experience.   And for publishing this information.  I am grateful and wish you many blessings. Especially at this time of yearly celebrations, I wish the spirit of the joy of celebration to be with you.  And I trust the information in the Alien Interview has provided you with the joy of understanding as it has provided to me.   —  Many blessings,  Alysa”

Download the audiobook from Audible.com
(ABRIDGED – without Footnotes), Edited by Lawrence Spencer
Narrated By Lyanne Greystoke
Length: 5 hrs and 22 minutes

      Download Alien Interview from iTUNES