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Anyone who has walked outside and looked at the sky during the past few years will notice a VERY obvious increase in the number and frequency of Chemtrails blanketing the skies in your area and around the world.  If you have studied the phenomenon at all, you will discover that these are not “jet con trails”.  They are POISON trails, sprayed at high altitude with the goal of getting rid of “useless eaters”, like you.

One of the favorite methods for “debunking” people who have discovered the truth about the destructive actions of “the elite” is to brand their information as a “conspiracy theory”, i.e  if you don’t swallow the official propaganda, you are “crazy”

When you Search on GOOGLE for “chemtrails” the first page of results are websites of the Chemtrail Conspiracy “debunking” and “misinformation” sites, designed to Put The Sheep Back To Sleep.

Here are a few of the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory debunking websites you will find:

— Wikipedia Page about the CHEMTRAIL “CONSPIRACY THEORY”.




International Chemtrail Association Facebook page.  Some of the Psychopaths who CREATE chemtrails, and the “reasons” for killing us and the planet.  Amazing…..


Who writes this shit?  The people who PAY the people who are PAYING for the chemtrails!  Who else?  So, you will need to educate yourself on the subject of   HOW TO RECOGNIZE “INTERNET TROLLS”.  Here’s is a brief article the explain how it works:


 To educate yourself about the FACTS of what Chemtrails are, and to take action against the people using them:  http://globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com/index.html



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overpopulationThe issue of human “overpopulation” of Earth is the subject of much debate.  The “Agenda 21” advocates insist that the human population must be reduced or, at least, controlled.  The “elite” (financially wealthy, greed-driven, Caucasian, self-appointed, Only Ones, Divinely Entitled, self-important, Entitled by Manifest Destiny of the One and Only God) insist that the optimum human population must be reduced and maintained at 500,000,000 people.  This is a number that “they” consider to be the optimum number of SLAVES required to serve their physical needs on Earth.   500 million slaves are required to “feed” the “1%” which, mathematically, must be no more than 5o,ooo multi-billionaires. According the “Agenda 21”, the United Nations program to reduce and control the world population, these are idea numbers.OverpopulationMythManhattanandNewZealandTheir argument for “population control” is that Earth cannot sustain the current and growing human population.  However, the “logic” of this fallacious propaganda is based on “artificially created scarcity”.  What are the lowest common denominator of unlimited survival resources?  Water. Food. Electricity.

Nikola Tesla invented and proved the REALITY of UNLIMITED, FREE, GLOBAL ELECTRICITY in 1888, and demonstrated this with the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower: a method of broadcasting electrical energy without wires, through the atmosphere of Earth. With unlimited energy humanity could produce an unlimited food supply.  Unlimited clean water.  Unlimited communication.  Unlimited travel. This invention was purposefully and intentionally suppressed and destroy by J.P. Morgan.  Why? It could not be monetized and metered.  Therefore, his PERSON FINANCIAL CONTROL would be superseded and negated.  Financial backing of the TECHNOLOGY OF FREE ENERGY was withdrawn and prohibited.  Instead, the personal power and control of ONE person supplanted the survival of ALL HUMANITY.

wardenclyffeOil, coal, fossil fuels, gasoline, and internal combustion engines were funded and promoted for personal financial power and control by “The Elite”.  Who are the “elite”?  Bankers. JP Morgan championed and established (under the direction of the Rothschild Zionist Dynasty) an artificially created “fiat currency” system.  The Federal Reserve (Private Bank) Act was bludgeoned through the US Congress by Morgan and his minions.  Thereafter, the elimination and control of global human survival was curtailed, controlled and eliminated.  Fallacious and artificially contrived wars have been conceived and funded by Private Bankers to profit from manufacturing weapons, military conquest, murder and destruction for personal financial gain.OverpopulationMythManilaandTunisia

With unlimited FREE ENERGY, invented by Nikola Tesla, the oceans of the world could be desalinated! Unlimited food supplies could be cultivated in the vast deserts of the world.  And a myriad of illimitable resources for human survival could be conceived, created, built and sustained.

How many human beings, animals and plants could coexist, peaceably, on Earth if unlimited, uncontrolled FREE ENERGY were available?  You do the math.

We live on a planet that is carefully controlled and monitored by a Criminal Elite whose sole aim to to CREATE SCARCITY for their own personal financial power and control.  They lobby loudly, under the covert banner of “philanthropy” to reduce population, primarily of “Third World (non-Caucasian) nations.  Yet, they do not volunteer to reduce their own number, do they?

Therefore, it is logical and self-evident that the “humanitarian” solution to “over population” is to eliminate the BANKER population first. Any volunteers?


“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.” ~ United Nations ECO – ’92 EARTH CHARTER