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Anyone who has walked outside and looked at the sky during the past few years will notice a VERY obvious increase in the number and frequency of Chemtrails blanketing the skies in your area and around the world.  If you have studied the phenomenon at all, you will discover that these are not “jet con trails”.  They are POISON trails, sprayed at high altitude with the goal of getting rid of “useless eaters”, like you.

One of the favorite methods for “debunking” people who have discovered the truth about the destructive actions of “the elite” is to brand their information as a “conspiracy theory”, i.e  if you don’t swallow the official propaganda, you are “crazy”

When you Search on GOOGLE for “chemtrails” the first page of results are websites of the Chemtrail Conspiracy “debunking” and “misinformation” sites, designed to Put The Sheep Back To Sleep.

Here are a few of the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory debunking websites you will find:

— Wikipedia Page about the CHEMTRAIL “CONSPIRACY THEORY”.




International Chemtrail Association Facebook page.  Some of the Psychopaths who CREATE chemtrails, and the “reasons” for killing us and the planet.  Amazing…..


Who writes this shit?  The people who PAY the people who are PAYING for the chemtrails!  Who else?  So, you will need to educate yourself on the subject of   HOW TO RECOGNIZE “INTERNET TROLLS”.  Here’s is a brief article the explain how it works:


 To educate yourself about the FACTS of what Chemtrails are, and to take action against the people using them:  http://globalmarchagainstchemtrailsandgeoengineering.com/index.html



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FACEBOOK NEWSYesterday I was bored, so I spent several hours reading the “FACEBOOK NEWS”, i.e. posts made by some of my 4,923 Facebook “Friends”, who are almost all “identities” or trolls I’ve never met.  From these “posts” I thought it would be fun to create a “FACEBOOK NEWS FORECAST” of events that will allegedly happen within the next few months, years, decades or whenever.  Like all “news” it’s always about chaos and fear.  But, what would we do if we didn’t have fear, superstition, chaos and mind-control to guide our pitiful lives?  We can’t just sit around being kind and loving and comfortable, can we?  That would be boring.  Personally, I’m pretty sure that Earth is a prison or an insane asylum, so all this “news” seems “normal” to me. (Read the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, if you haven’t already, and you’ll understand why I say this.)

Anyway, here is a list of predicted events from “Facebook News”:

  • The Stock Market and the US dollar will collapse and the US will fall into a state of total financial chaos caused by criminal Wall Street “derivative” trading and China “trade deficits” which will need to be “balanced” so the 1% criminals can steal more wealth.
  • Riots and starvation will be rampant because the “peasants” won’t have money.
  • The government will herd everyone into prison camps for their own “protection”.
  • Crime and civil war will break out all over the country.
  • The US will declare a state of martial law and all the soldiers put into place by “Jade Helm” will be activated to arrest or shoot American “dissenters”.
  • The HAARP installation in Alaska will disrupt the energy frequency of Earth and cause a gigantic earthquake in Canada and Washington and the West Coast of the US will fall into the Pacific Ocean which will allow FEMA and the UN to take control of “resources”.
  • This will also cause the Yellowstone volcanic caldera to erupt and kill 100 million Americans, which is a part of the NWO Agenda 21 plan for population reduction.
  • An asteroid or comet will strike the Earth and cause a cataclysmic global tidal wave.
  • The entire world will be engulfed by man-made extreme weather, floods, tornadoes, etc.
  • Zionist Israel will start World War III and blame it on Iran or Russian or whoever….
  • The New World Order to create a false “alien invasion” attack on Earth, launched from secret, black budget underground bases around the Earth.
  • The “elite” 1% and Illuminati will retreat into underground shelters until the radioactive “dust” settles and the water subsides.
  • The “secret satellite system” will create a Holographic image of “The Second Coming of Jesus” which will be broadcast exclusively on Fox News during the Superbowl.
  • The New World Order government will be established permanently at the United Nations.
  • The Pope will be appointed the Head of a New World Order Religion.
  • Noah will build an Ark and all the animals will go on board and float.
  • Global population will be reduced to a “manageable” 500 million and all the “survivors” (the 1% and their personal slaves) will live happily ever after in “paradise”.


~ Lawrence R. Spencer ~