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Flowers are a very effective sexual organ of the plant world.  Each flower opens itself with complete aesthetic bravado, complete with potent perfumes, brilliant colors and delicate textures.   They entice every passing bird and insect to lend assistance in their reproductive quest, to transport the vital elements of reproduction between the male and female organs of the plant.  If human beings behaved this way, every roadway and street corner would be crowded with naked females, begging male passers-by to impregnate them!  Thank goodness human beings have a little bit more discretion as to how and why they select sexual partners….no much, but a little.

  Created this Flowers Timelapse compilation of Amaryllis, Lilies, Zygocactus, Rose, Gladiolus, and Gardenias.   It is composed of  more than 7100 photos in more than 730 hours (using Canon 5D Mark II).


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Radiant Flower

There is nothing more hopeful and blissfully ignorant than a beautiful child who has not yet realized (or remembered) the brutal realities of the physical universe.  A fresh, pristine sense of gentle joy permeates their Being….like a newly blossomed flower, flourishing in the energy of the sun, and, as yet, not scorched by it’s unrelenting heat.  What price would be pay to protect our innocent children, and ourselves, from reality?  And yet we survive.  We protect, sustain and defend.  We love, and then forget again….


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Plumeria flower are found a large trees in Hawaii.  These are the flowers used to create the “leis” or “flower necklaces” that are worn by the beautiful Hawaiian people. They give 

these “leis” to all of the tourists when they get off the airplane at the airport.  When I lived in Hawaii (for two years) there were Plumeria trees everywhere around my house.  The aroma of these flowers is very soft, sensuous, and sexual, as the purpose of every flower  is  essentially sexual.  The flowers bloom all during the year because the weather is always
“warm and wet”!!   Hawaii an amazing place to be on this planet!!  For me, it is as close to the definition of “Paradise” as I can think of on Earth.

Everything about Hawaii literally “screams” out the idea of “Sexual Reproduction!  The trees, the amazing flowers, the plants, birds, and the warm and wonderful rain!  The air is always Warm and Moist and Alluring.  Soft Sunlight Glows Relentlessly.  Magnificent Moonlight illuminates the Glistening Ocean Waves at night.   The Black Sand beaches — whose sands are continually replenished from the Semen of Volcanic Ejaculations –glisten like the Wet Walls of a Virginal Vagina in the Moonlight….

beachRelentlessly Powerful Waves POUND onto the beaches of the Island Shores….  Ebbing and Flowing… In and Out….. In and Out…. In and Out….. with Soft, Soothing, Sonorous Rhythms….   and repeatedly,

again, and again, and again….. spew their Thick, White Foam of Relentless Wetness in Orgasms of Overwhelming, Penetrating Power on to the Eternally Open Thighs of Her Welcoming Sands….

Before the arrival of the European “missionary” invaders, the Beautiful Hawaiian girls were encouraged by their mothers and families to make love with ALL the young men of the neighboring villages!  They did not wear any clothing.  They displayed all of their Natural, Maternal Beauty for anyone and everyone to see and enjoy!!!  It was a requirement that they become pregnant, and give birth to a healthy baby BEFORE they were eligible to get married!

Everyone in the villages shared the responsibility to care for, feed and educate the children.  However, when the Christian “missionary” invaders arrived, they told all the Hawaiian people that this behavior was “evil” and that sex was a “sin”….   They forced the Hawaiian people to wear “clothing”, to cover their bodies in “shame”……  European Christian Missionary Invaders destroyed the culture and the civilization of the Hawaiian people forever. The honest, innocent, beauty of these marvelous people were crushed and coerced and tricked into extinction by the “Plumeria Lies” of European religion.

One hundred year later, the Hawaiian Islands and their indigenous culture and their pristine people, have been raped, pillaged and plundered by European Invaders.  Nothing remains of their innocence.  Nothing remains of the Innate, Maternal Intelligence of the Hawaiian people.  Only the relentless, radioactive waters of the Pacific Ocean, contaminated by Fukishima, embrace their Virgin Shores….