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One more of 1001 Things To Do While You’re Dead

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This is easily done. The human race has been doing this since the deepest, dimmest beginnings of time primordial – maybe even since before time was invented.

Forgetting is an especially useful and convenient ability. This is why is has become so popular over the eternity of our previous existence.

The reason is simple: if you have done “naughty” things in the past – or things that other people told you they thought were naughty – you can erase all the blame, shame, regret, guilt and responsibility for all that alleged naughtiness. All you have to do is forget!

Another easy way to forget is to pretend there is some other spirit, like yourself, who is a “great spirit”. Pretend that this “great spirit” made you, and made you DO all those naughty things, so you can put the blame on them for “making you do it”.

Or, pretend that the “great spirit” will forgive you for doing naughty things – if you ask nicely.

Or, tell everyone that “the great spirit made me do those naughty things, so I’m not guilty or insane or responsible for my own actions”.

Even better, tell everyone that the naughty things you did were NOT naughty because you were “commanded” by the Great Spirit to do the naughty things which means they are not really naughty because they were the “will of the Great Spirit” and therefore your actions were “blessed” and “holy”.

Warning: do not ever tell anyone that you are a spirit. And god forbid, do not ever tell anyone that you are the “Great Spirit”. They will bad mouth you, torture you, burn you, crucify you, imprison you, and kill you – in the name of the “Great Spirit” (for your own good, of course).



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During the past 10,000 years on Earth the average life span of a human being was between 25 to 40 years of age.  That’s assuming that you survived child birth. Infant mortality rates were about 30 percent! To survive to adulthood (14 – 18 years) you had to avoid dying from one hundreds of infectious diseases, starvation, freezing, accidental injuries, wars and plagues. Just as in modern life, 99% of the population are “normal” people, i.e. uneducated peasants, soldiers, workers, homemakers, etc..  Far fewer than 1% were famous persons like kings, pharaohs, Genghis Khan, Shakespeare, Napoleon, or Alexander The Great (who died at the age of 32). So, if you have trouble remembering your IDENTITIES (amnesia) as a human being during the past 10,000 years or more don’t worry about it.  Chances are you lived a short, tedious, miserable, painful, illiterate existence and died in anonymity – not very pleasant lives to remember!


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Excerpts from the book  “1001 THINGS TO DO WHILE YOU’RE DEAD“:


This doesn’t need any explanation. Many people have a “native” ability to do this, especially after they have lost their body, as well as  everything they worked for and accumulated during an entire lifetime.

Ideally, everyone would be allowed to have 4 or 5 bodies at once. So, when you lose one or two it’s not such a big deal. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn’t figured out how to allow each spirit to run more than one body at a time yet – not counting “the gods” of course.

But who knows, with enough time and practice you may remember how to do this too! According to Earth mythology the ancient gods of Greece, Egypt, China, India and Mesopotamia could manifest themselves in many guises and forms. Maybe you can find one or more of those ancient gods to teach you this skill.


Endless years of agonizing can be consumed in this activity. It can be a lot of fun.

There is a lot of drama involved in regretting the past. People love drama. Mulling over all the things you did, you could have done, you shouldn’t have done, you wished you had done or not done, etc., is very dramatic.

There are a nearly infinite number of scenes from past lives you can replay, like old radio or TV soap operas. However, most of them have the same plot lines and get boring after a while. And, you can’t change any of them.


This takes a total lack of imagination. You have always been with yourself, and by yourself, for nearly all of eternity. You are your own best friend. Enjoy yourself.

However, if you want some companionship, go out a find another spirit, a person, or a life form and befriend them. They will probably appreciate not being alone.


This can provide endless hours, years or millennia of pleasurable amusement for yourself and entertainment for others. Some writers, like Mark Twain, earned an excellent living by reminiscing about the past for most of their life.