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I live in a “55 and older community” of homeowners.  There are about 11,000 people living in this upper-middle class American “retirement resort”.  The average age of the residents is about 72 years old.  When I attend events and activities here I often think to myself, “Gosh, there sure a lot of old people here!”  Then, I go home and look in the mirror…..  It is then that I discover that I am one of the “old people”.

However, because I AM old, and because I am surrounded by other “old people”, I realize that “old people” do not think of themselves as “old”.  In our minds, we see ourselves in our mind at a time when our bodies were physically fit, sexually attractive and productive!  Nevertheless, even though I am only “18 years old in my mind”, the mirror reminds me that my body is more than 70 year old, and counting…..

These are the moments when I must remind myself that I am NOT the body I inhabit at this moment in the Eternal Now.  I know — deep inside myself — have lived a thousand, thousand lives in bodies uncountable, on planets in galaxies unspeakable.  When I remember “Who” I REALLY Am, the “man in the mirror” doesn’t seem quite as “real” as the people who live all around me seem to think.  I know that I am an Immortal Spiritual Being. If your body is still young, sexually attractive and physically fit, you may want to start remembering that you are NOT the body.  When your body gets “old” it will help you to remember that you are immortal, and eternally “18 in my mind”.





Excerpts from “1001 Things to do while you’re dead”

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1001 Things to do while you're deadEXCERPTS FROM THE BOOK:

1001 THINGS TO DO WHILE YOU’RE DEAD: A Dead Person’s Guide to Living” by Lawrence R. Spencer


If you are squeamish about autopsies, embalming,  funeral piers, cremation incinerators, worms, bugs or bacteria you may want to stay away until all that messy, bad smelling business is over and done.

However, funeral directors have become quite masterful, over the past 5,000 years, at making a dead body look as good, or better, than it looked when it was alive. A little formaldehyde, a few strategic injections, a little stuffing, nice clothes, cosmetics, a wig and a comfy, silk-lined coffin, your used body can look better than ever!

This is a good reason to stay away as you may be enticed to start thinking about going back. Obviously, it’s too late. Factually, you never were a body and you definitely are not a body now. So stay focused. The future is where the rest of your life will be lived!


If you attended your own funeral you are probably suffering from the loss of having a body. More important, you may be thinking that you don’t really have any identity or personality without having a body. How will anyone recognize you without your body?

Fortunately, bodies are a nickel a million. Five babies are born every second.  So, should you succumb to the ungodly urge to get a new baby body in order to feel a sense of personal identity, you will need to practice being cute.

The only reason people have babies – and keep them – is because they think babies are cute. The same principle applies to all living creatures. So, brush up on looking cute, making cute sounds, doing cute mannerisms, cute smiles, cute laughs, etc..  You’ll need to have your cute skills in top form when and if you get a new body.


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