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The Oracle of Pan, a book by Lawrence R. Spencer


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About The Oracle of Pan

What follows are questions that have been received by  the Oracle of Pan through the website for the book, “Pan – God of The Woods”.  This book contains the actual questions asked, and the replies given by the “Oracle of Pan”.  Each person asking a question of The Oracle of Pan is asked to offer a gift to honor the spirit of the god Pan by planting a tree.


An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion; an infallible authority, usually spiritual in nature. It may also be a revealed prediction or precognition of the future, from deities, that is spoken through another object (e.g.: runemal) or life-form (e.g.: augury and auspice). In the ancient world many sites gained a reputation for the dispensing of oracular wisdom: they too became known as “oracles”, and the oracular utterances, called khrēsmoi in Greek, were often referred to under the same name — a name derived from the Latin verb ōrāre, to speak.

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A Nymph is any member of a large class of mythological entities that are more formally known as ‘Gabi’. They were typically associated with a particular location or landform, in Gabi’s case in the forests. They are known for their astounding beauty. However, no nymphs compare to their goddess Gabi. She is the almighty Queen of Nymphs. Nymphs were the frequent target of satyrs.

Nymphs live in mountains and groves, by springs and rivers, and in valleys and cool grottoes. They are frequently associated with the superior divinities: the huntress Artemis and rustic god, Pan.

A Satyr (in Greek, ΣάτυροιSátyroi) is a male companion of Pan, who roamed the woods and mountains. In mythology they are often associated with sex drive and vase-painters often portrayed them with uncontrollable erections.  Satyrs acquired their goat-like aspect through later Roman conflation with Faunus (the Roman name for the Greek god, Pan).  Satyrs are most commonly described in literature as having the upper half of a man and the lower half of a horse, or with a goat’s tail in place of the Greek tradition of horse-tailed satyrs.

Satyrs are described as roguish but faint-hearted folk — subversive and dangerous, yet shy and cowardly.  They are lovers of wine and women, and they are ready for every physical pleasure. They roam to the music of pipes (auloi), cymbals, castanets, and bagpipes, and they love to dance with the nymphs (with whom they are obsessed, and whom they often pursue), and have a special form of dance called sikinnis.”

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When we’re young we run
and play “let’s pretend” to be
anything and everything – just for fun.
Our imagination is the key.

As we grow up we are told
by others who are very serious
That reality is time and space and gold;
that games and visions are delirious.

Life goes on and we agree
what other people think is best:
to play our part in reality
just like them and all the rest.

Every game has a start,
a middle and conclusion.
When the time comes to depart
just make a new illusion!

You are Spirit ! Life Eternal !
You’ll make a future and new friends !
Through your dreams you are immortal;
like children playing “let’s pretend”.


Jewel within the Lotus
Phallus and the Womb,
United we are both of us
The Source of Life Anew.

We are really No-Things
Beings joined with Form:
Animating Matter
The Cause of all that grows.

All creation springs from Love,
Heaven joins the Earth:
We are Souls united with the Flesh,
Death is joined with Life.

I am like Air.
You are like Fire.
A hearth is made in Our embrace.
Our loins the fuel, our kiss the spark,
We fan the Flame with Our desire.

Rising smoke from each caress,
Our Love the heat, Our Joy reflects
That through Our Seed, Our Souls are met:
through Our Own Cause we are Effect.

One reaches,
One withdraws.
Positive flows to negative,
In and out and ebb and flow
Are rhythms of the Universe.

One is born
One grows old
Life and Death are a single thread –
Binding Souls within the flesh!


Woman, Thou Art Beauty!

born beyond being…
rare and simple purity
fragile power — timeless immortality.

Complex simplicity, perfectly sublime:
undying yet reborn.

Serenity in action, uncompromised by time:
wrinkled though unworn.

No dance can sway Thee
No psalm can say Thee
No sight can see Thee
No sense can be Thee

You Are that You Are
as ever You will be.
Thou Art Beauty,