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  1. That human beings evolved on Earth to become “superior” to other life forms.
  2. That Spiritual Beings do not animate ALL life forms on Earth.
  3. That our memories — even of our past lives on Earth or before — are stored in your brain.
  4. That Earth is our “home”.
  5. That we– as a spiritual being — have no memory of who we really are, or where we came from, before we were brought to Earth and dumped off here from another time or place or plane of existence by other spiritual beings who didn’t want us around anymore.
  6. That there is “a god” who created everything and that we have no responsibility for creating anything accept our own small, pathetic, insignificant, purposeless lives.
  7. That the entire physical universe started from a “big bang” of energy, all by itself, accidentally, and randomly, without supervision, and then organized itself to become every celestial body, living organism, physical, spiritual and energetic phenomenon of an nearly infinite extent of a microcosm and macrocosm of which human beings can perceive virtually nothing, but would rather rely on a unproven “theory” to serve as “proof” of it’s origin.
  8. That Earth scientists, priests, politicians and any other person you have ever heard of knows “the truth” about anything except their personal opinion as to what “the truth” is for them.
  9. That “time” exists independent of your subjective experience and is floating around in “space” somewhere and that we can go “visit it” there…wherever “there” is…or “when”, or was, or is, or will be.
  10. That we are not living in a holographic “reality” which makes us feel “free” even though we are always “inside” it and can’t get out because we are not aware how it works, or that it even exists.


7122_56c5_640“While shepherds kept their watching
Over silent flocks by night,
Behold throughout the heavens,
There shone a holy light:
Go, Tell It On The Mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere;
Go, Tell It On The Mountain
That Jesus Christ is born.”

from the Christian song, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. “Go Tell It on the Mountain” is an African-American spiritual song, compiled by John Wesley Work, Jr., dating back to at least 1865, that has been sung and recorded by many gospel and secular performers. It is considered a Christmas carol because its original lyrics celebrate the Nativity of Jesus  (Wikipedia.org)

bloody child birth

I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care what a bunch of superstitious sheep herders say.  Birth is bloody and painful!  If you are inhabiting a biological body on Earth, your mother sacrificed her body and her life to bear you and feed you with her tits (or a bottle) and work her ass off to support and clothe you until you were old enough to take care of yourself!  The TRUTH is that this “religious holiday” should be a celebration and admiration of MOTHERS!  In spite of ancient superstitions, and patriarchal propaganda, Jesus (if the guy ever really existed) inhabited a biological body that was produced by a women who fucked a man and got pregnant and gave birth to a stinking, screaming baby body, just like everyone else on this god-forsaken planet!


I had the privilege of spending several hours with Suzanne Taylor this week.  She is the award winning producer / director of the documentary film titled “WHAT ON EARTH? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery”  Before meeting Suzanne, and watching the film myself, I had only a few ill-conceived notions about the ‘crop circle phenomenon’, which has been a source of controversy for many decades.  Like most “truth” on our planet, it is almost always ridiculed as “heresy”, before being more thoroughly examined, debated and ultimately accepted as “fact” by the “scientific community” (the self-appointed priests of Western Civilization).   Coincidentally, only 500 hundred years ago every decent, church-fearing European was certain (because they had been convinced, under pain of death, dismemberment or burning at the stake) that “The Earth is The Center of The Universe”.   Attempts at “debunking” the “heresy” of crop circles have been financed by the same “Earth is The Center of The Universe” advocates for many years.  Thus, since I am admittedly gullible by nature, I believed the “debunker” news reels and TV “news releases” that showed us film of “Doug and Dave” admitting that they, all by themselves, were staying up all night making the crop circles with a piece of wooden board and ropes.  Wow, that’s amazing, guys!  Especially when you watch the documentary “What on Earth” and discover that crop circles appear — overnight — in more than 40 countries around the world!  And, that thorough analysis demonstrates that the “real” imprints exhibit chemical, electromagnetic and physical characteristics  that can not be made or replicated on Earth.

My personal proclivity toward conspiracy theories, alien agendas, spiritual balderdash and UFO fandom notwithstanding, I came away from watching “What on Earth with the epiphany that we are witnesses to an universal paradigm shift in human consciousness right here in “The Center of The Universe”!  It appears to me that there may be “universes” around, through and about us of which we have not been aware.  Moreover, there may be “spiritual beings” in those universes that are trying to tell us something about the various universes and our relationship to them and each other.

Whatever your favorite superstitions or mythologies or belief systems or preconceived notions may be I DARE YOU to watch “What on Earth” and not be dramatically impacted by it on an intellectual, spiritual and visceral level. — Lawrence R. Spencer, April 26, 2012.