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In spite of vast numbers of “ghost sightings”, innumerable reports of “out-of-body experiences”, and “divine encounters” with gods or spirits, that pervades nearly all of prehistoric and recorded human history, I found only one underlying, unifying, indisputable, axiomatic common denominator that permeates all of this data:

Assuming that subjective reality, or beliefs, of individuals is acceptable evidence, there has been no universally agreed upon “proof” that “spirits” or gods or life-after-death based on physical evidence, circumstantial or subjective data.  There are several deductions I can infer from the lack of physical evidence that such things are real, and, if verified, may lead to a workable solution to many of the “mysteries” of Life, Universes and Other Stuff“:

In spite of an enormous collection of subjective, circumstantial “evidence” of spiritual activity on and around Earth, the existence, intentions and the activities of spirits remain hidden and mysterious.

Universally agreed upon proof of the existence of spirituality, based on subjective data, physical and circumstantial evidence are subject to conflicting vested interests, which has made such proof unattainable.

Collectively, these deductions beg the obvious question:
If spirits exist, why is there no “proof”?   The answer seems to be fairly obvious, at least to me:  Perceptions of spirituality are a subjective reality, unique and different for every individual.  Subjective reality does not require evidence or “proof”.  The proof is within you.

~ Lawrence R. Spencer. 2014 ~


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  1. Report that you have been visited or inspired by a “Divine Being(s)” or an extraterrestrial philosopher who revealed to you, personally and privately, an Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omnivorous, Omni-Nom-Nom-Nom Big Spirit or Spirits who claim responsibility for having created the god-awful mess we call The Universe.
  2. Swear under pain of death that the Big Spirit or Spirits is/are THE ONLY source of Eternal Life, Mystery, Power, Creation, Love, Beauty, Equality, Joy, Peace, Benevolence, Bliss, etc., etc..
  3. Give your Big Spirit(s) and/or philosophy an impressive sounding name and add the suffix “-anity” or “-ism” or “-ology”.  Examples: The Big Bubba, Omnomnomnom, Zoultron, etc..  Examples: Prescient Eschatology, Powerism, Blissanity, etc..
  4. Write one or more “sacred” books espousing the mythology that you allege has been revealed to you about the origin and/or characteristics of the ONLY Big Spirit(s) and an esoteric philosophy about your personal feelings and opinions about life, universes and sex.  And, don’t forget to have a graphic design artist draw up some complex and esoteric symbols to add a sense of authentic antiquity to reinforce your mythos.
  5. Recruit a bunch of soulless human begins who lead pathetic, hopeless, confused lives and who are gullible enough to think that spiritual qualities exist in the physical universe.  Explain that your Big Spirit will not point out to them that they are the cause of their own misery due to stupidity, irresponsibility, greed, duplicity, lust, etc..  Now you are armed with the necessary propaganda needed to indoctrinate, frighten or coerce  them into becoming “Con-verts”.  (Human beings will believe almost anything if they think it will give them a way to escape responsibility for their own thoughts and actions!)
  6. Designate the most perverted, pathetic, duplicitous, holier-than-thou “Con-verts” to become  priests or “Pre-verts”.  The job of the “Pre-verts” is to create more “Con-verts” by frightening and brow-beating innocent by-standers into buying and reading your “sacred” book(s).
  7. Have your “Pre-verts” promise the most gullible “Con-verts”, who are not aware that there is absolutely no hope of anything except pain, misery, agony, death and betrayal on Earth, that when they fanatically agree with the tenants of your philosophy they will be transported to a “Paradisiacal Afterlife”, provided that they PAY a lot MORE money to the “Pre-verts” who will “intercede” on their behalf with the Big Spirit(s) to guarantee that they will receive permission to continue living forever as a Ghost in the Paradisiacal Afterlife when they die.
  8. Have the Pre-verts tell the Con-verts that they are the ONLY people who really know “The Truth” because the Big Spirit(s) have “chosen” them to be one of the very few members of “The Secret Society of The Only Ones Who Really Know The Truth and Everyone Else Is Evil”.  And, tell them that if they ever stop “believing” they will suddenly become “Evil” and be barred from the  Paradisiacal Afterlife forever, and ever!  Do NOT explain what and where the Paradisiacal Afterlife will be.  Let them use their own imaginations and keep them guessing.
  9. Take some of your profits and use it to pay the “Pre-verts” to build massive and beautifully extravagant temples, gold statues, shrines, monuments, etc., in tribute to the philosopher who thought up the Big Spirit. And, make it the job of the “Pre-verts” to write beautiful rhetoric, music, chants, rituals, incantations, sacrificial ceremonies, etc., to get the gullible “Con-verts” to come and give them MORE money.  (People always pay for glitz and glamour.)
  10. Open one or more off-shore bank accounts and pay the government officials to give you exemption from paying taxes as a “non-profit”, benevolent, do-gooder, organization.  Use some of the money to hire the best attorneys money can buy and pay off government officials to defend yourself from legal actions brought against you by former “Con-verts” for all the fraud, theft, sexual molestation, etc., perpetrated by your “Pre-verts”. Take the rest of your profits and live a life of ease and luxury until you die, get another body, and start all over again as a “believer” in a Big Spirit(s) that someone else invented.


 Text Copyrighted by Lawrence R. Spencer 2011

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