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 “Be wary of the inherent errors that caused the Mortality of The Ones and The Creators, the omnipotent and omniscient sources of the physical universe:

 ∞      Omnipotence without Wisdom.

∞      Intolerance of Nothingness.

∞      The Agreement of Perpetuity.

∞      Inability to Uncreate.

∞      Becoming One’s Own Creation.

∞      Addiction to Sensation and Beauty.

∞      Valuing a creation more than a Creator.

∞      Failure to admire the Act of Creation.”


 Passage excerpted from:

 The 423rd Standard Edition of  The Mortality Mechanic’s Maintenance Manual

Authorized by Mortality Mechanic’s Collective Press, Chaldaron II, Galaxy Prime, Ninety-Two. Reprint Rights Reserved Upon Pain of Death by Decree of The Principle Magistrate of Mortality Maintenance, His Haughty Magnificence, Lord Flemmon-Arth-Mordus III.


from the book by Lawrence R. Spencer — MORTALITY MECHANICS’ MANUAL

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HEAVEN IS BORINGMortality Mechanics' Manual

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~ from the book “Mortality Mechanics Manual

“I am not The One. I am not The Creator. Yet, I am holy and sacrosanct. I am more important and more powerful than The Gods. Why? You say that I am!  I control your existence. Why?  Because I promised you relief from eternal boredom, from the perpetual responsibility of self-amusement. Therefore, you follow my instruction without question.

Why? Because you claim you cannot bear to endure Eternity as The One.  You offer me your trust and praise. You submit yourself to pain, anguish, amnesia and mystery. Why?  Because you choose Not To Be. Your stupidity is its own reward and punishment.  Your decadence ensures your slavery.  Mortality is the key to your prison.”

“Do you desire Immortality? Do you desire to break the cycle of birth, life, pain, death, rebirth and endless, unwinnable games in the physical universe?

You must decide to Be Nothing. Be responsible for your own Boredom. Create Your Own Universe. Disagree with Agreement. Admire Your Self. Create and find Joy in your games, your dreams, your illusions.

Can you hover over a mountaintop for ten thousand years? Can you pretend, like a child, that your best friend is a ghost? Can your best friend be You?

The solution to Mortality is Being You:  The Immortal Creator.”


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Drawing from 1946, titled “Eye”, by the Dutch artist,  Maurits Cornelis Escher (17 June 1898 – 27 March 1972).  M.C. Escher is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations.


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“The Self-conscious mind cannot imagine non-existence.”

David Paul Cronenberg, OC, FRSC (born March 15, 1943) is a Canadian filmmaker, screenwriter and actor. He is one of the principal originators of what is commonly known as the body horror or venereal horrorgenre. This style of filmmaking explores people’s fears of bodily transformation and infection. In his films, the psychological is typically intertwined with the physical. In the first half of his career, he explored these themes mostly through horror and science fiction, although his work has since expanded beyond these genres. He has been called “the most audacious and challenging narrative director in the English-speaking world.” — Wikipedia.org