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“The greatest massacre in history was wrought not with armor-plated soldiers wielding weapons of steel, or even with the clumsy flintlock muskets of the Conquistadors. Europeans possessed an unlimited arsenal of biological warfare weapons acquired through many generations of prohibition against the practice of bathing. Taking a bath in the 1400s was forbidden by the Christian Church as protest against the public baths so popular in the “pagan” Roman Empire.

Biological weapons were carried in the bodily filth of each and every soldier, sailor and priest who landed in the New World. Billions of unseen little soldiers–the bacilli of bubonic plague, yellow fever, malaria, cholera, small pox, diphtheria, measles, influenza, and legions of other unseen, unsuspected, unstoppable bacteria attacked the native inhabitants of the New World.

Like the terrifying science fiction story by HG Wells, “War of the Worlds”, the Conquistadors were real life invaders from an alien universe who effortlessly devastated the people of the New World. If a race of alien beings actually landed on Earth from a distant solar system or galaxy, it is quite conceivable that the fate of mankind would be sealed, not by military conquest, but by single-cell life forms carried on the skin or in the lungs of the other-worldly invaders.

Approximately 20 consecutive waves of pestilence swept the American Continents between 1492 AD and 1600 AD. Disease killed nine out of every ten people. By the year 1600 AD, it is estimated that 90 percent of the 100 million native inhabitants living in the Americas had died of diseases carried to them by the alien invasion forces of Europe!

Imagine what would happen to our current civilization if nine out of every ten people were to die of disease within the next 100 years?”

— Excerpt from the book THE OZ FACTORS, by Lawrence R. Spencer.  

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psychosis redefinedThe original definition of the word “psychosis” came from the Greek word, psykhe– “soul”, i.e. psyche + -osis.  Greek psykhosis meant “a giving of life; animation; principle of life.” Definition of “-osis” in English: Denoting a process or condition.

The word “psychosis” in Earth “science” was invented in 1841 by German physician Karl Friedrich Canstatt (July 11, 1807,—1850) in his work Handbuch der Medizinischen Klinik. He used it as a shorthand for ‘psychic neurosis’. At that time neurosis meant any disease of the nervous system, and Canstatt was thus referring to what was considered a psychological manifestation of brain disease. (i.e. “brain” = “spirit or soul”.) Earth science cannot perceive a psyche, soul or spirit. So, all manifestations of the “psyche” are incorrectly attributed to “the brain”, which is a physical universe object.

A “psyche”, soul/spirit, is defined as an “Is-Be”, or Immortal Spiritual Being, in the book Alien Interview.  It is not a brain. An Is-Be is an eternal source of creative thought, animation, energy, and perception in the physical universe (and others) including all sentient life-forms. An Is-Be exists whether it is inhabiting a biological body or not. Collectively, all Is-Bes creating and perceiving interactively may be the source and cause of entire universes.

ALIEN INTERVIEWThe human Earth population are spiritual prisoners on Earth. Earth is a “prison planet” of the Old Empire government of this region of space, and beyond. The most common types of “psychosis” manifested by Is-Bes on prison planet Earth, are described in the book Alien Interview.

As a personal study exercise, I have taken the liberty of creating my own definitions, and abbreviated names, for  various types of Is-Be “psychosis” on Earth, based on descriptions of “untouchables” from the Alien Interview book, as follows:

“PP-Be” = Generic Prison Planet Is-Be, i.e. any Is-Be inhabiting a biological body on Earth, or disembodied Is-Be controlled by the amnesia / hypnosis machinery of the prison planet.

“Crim-Be” = Criminal Is-Bes such as common murderers and thieves, congressmen, military contractors, corporation CEOs, pharmaceutical companies, con-artists, etc..

“Perv-Be” = Sexually Perverted Is-Be such as rapists, child molesters, sex-slave traders, patriarchal priests, secret cult members, various politicians, sexual predators, sex drug pushers, or those who use sex as a weapon of control or to inflict pain.

“War-Be” = Military/industrial/Political/Banker Warmonger or Soldier Is-Be.

“Bank-Be” = Bankster Is-Be such as any banker, stock trader, land speculators, fiat money creators, etc. who create an alleged “valuable means of exchange” which is not supported by actual goods, services, food, survival necessities, etc., required for life of biological bodies and the maintenance of the planetary environment.

“Para-Be” = Parasitic Is-Be who cannot produce anything but can only bleed the labor, inventions or work from other Is-Bes using aesthetic lies, trickery, deception, false promises, treachery enforced on the “host” by legal and military force. Example: attorneys, priests of religion or science, politicians, bankers, gamblers, drug sellers, etc..

“Sci-Be” = Priests and/or practitioners of Western “science” or “medicine” on Earth.

“Art-Be” = Any of the numerous Artist / Performer Is-Bes such as painters, dancers, singers, writers, musicians, etc., whom the Old Empire deemed to be “untouchable” or useless to their totalitarian society.

“Worker-Be” = Slave Is-Bes who do manual labor in mines, on farms, in factories, etc., to feed the bodies and create wealth for the Para-Bes, Bank-Bes, etc..

“Psycho-Be” = chronically destructive, anti-social beings who cannot be corrected, changed or repaired.

“Rev-Be” = Is-Bes who are revolutionaries or political/military enemies of the Old Empire

“DEF-Be” = Is-Bes who are members of the Domain Expeditionary Force who have been captured on or near Earth, given amnesia and placed in biological bodies as part of the prison population of Earth.

“Smart-Be” = Is-Bes who are brilliant inventors, managers, thinkers, creators, etc.

“Dumb-Be” = Is-Bes who have sunken below the level of sentient awareness.


CURE FOR CANCERI’m sick.  I’m sick because I’m drowning in a toxic environment OF money motivated CORPORATION BULLSHIT in the U.S.!

The 6 hour Ken Burns documentary film about cancer aired on PBS at the end of March.  It was sponsored by many of the major cancer “research” companies, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, and fake-food mega-corporation who profit from the rampant grown of cancer in the cells of human beings. Essentially, it’s message is this: “there is no cure for cancer.  there never will be a cure.”

There will never be a “cure” brought to market because there just isn’t enough profit in eradicating the disease entirely.  There will never be a governing body that protects consumers from being subjected to known carcinogens, because that too, will stop the cash from rolling in. A great deal of research is covered up and many potential cures are ignored and discredited because there is far more money in perpetuating illness than in curing it. In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars.  Blood money.

One of the biggest sponsors of the PBS film, along with the usual “vested interests”,  is Seimens Medical (Globally the company has 49,000 employees, most of them in Germany (comparing to 46,000 at GE Healthcare and 33,000 at Philips Healthcare) and 17.2 billion US-$ sales in 2007 (16.997 billion US-$ for GE).  They earn their living from the cancer industry.

It’s ALL about the money, and nothing but the money…..

Here is a website that reveals the actual Statistics behind the increase in cancer, and why there will never be “cure” in the United States. 


Here are some quick stats for background:

  • Nearly half of all Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. (source) Quick math tells us that is an astonishing 157 million victims.
  • Over half a million people in America died of cancer in 2012. (source)
  • In 2011, cancer was the #1 cause of death in the Western world, and #2 in developing countries. (source)
  • Cancer is the #1 cause of childhood death in the United States. (source)

This is a fairly recent increase.  A hundred years ago, the number was far different.  At that time, 1 in 33 people was stricken with the disease. And despite billions of dollars being spent to find “the cure”, the World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer will DOUBLE by the year 2030.

It’s being normalized.  The news is full of photos of babies who are missing an eye, of beautiful bald children who have lost their hair to chemo, and of people who have had to have body parts removed in order to survive a few more years.  But cancer is NOT normal. It isn’t something that “just happens”.  Researchers know the things that cause cancer.  Government protection agencies do too, but they do nothing to limit these toxins in the marketplace. Why?

Because, cancer is big business and those who are profiting have great financial interest in seeing the deadly trend continue to increase.  So what has changed?  How did we go from a  3% chance of contracting cancer to a 41% chance?

Ultimate ConspiracyIt’s the advent of Big Pharma, Big Agri and Big Business.  They are getting rich off of poisoning Americans through the manufacture of toxic elements that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Unless you live in a bubble and have no contact with manufactured items, outside air, or the sun, you are exposed to a staggering number of known and suspected carcinogens every day. (Check out THIS LIST to see the known and suspected carcinogens that are readily available in the United States.)

The statistics support that the cumulative build up of all these different toxins in the human body eventually results in cancer in many people. First, the manufacturers and the “food” producers profit when we buy their poisoned goods.

Then the medical system and pharmaceutical companies profit when we become ill and must fight cancer. The drugs alone can cost over $100,000 per year, and that is on top of exorbitant costs for radiation, chemotherapy, and physician’s bills. In the United States, cancer is the #1 most expensive “per person” illness to treat. (source)

Why would those who profit want to prevent cancer when 95.5 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR is spent on treating it? There is a vested interest in this increase in illness and the people benefiting from it have no intention of reducing the cases of cancer.

Of course he was not paid to include any data about dozens of people who actually developed cures for cancer in the past 100 years who were assassinated, imprisoned, discredited or forced to leave the country by the AMA.  However, it is easy enough to “follow the golden brick road” to see where it leads.

On the other hand, here is a video on YouTube that got NO FINANCIAL support from ANY corporation.  It reveals an entirely different approach to diseases which produces uniformly successful results with cancer and most other diseases.  This is an interview on German TV by Jo Conrad with Harald Baumann about the causes of every disease and healing processes. Understanding these basic laws can release every fear of getting a disease, including cancer.



PART FOUR  (Public Schools and Dumbing Down the population)

PART FIVE  (One World Government controlled by Global Bankers)

One of the most significant “wars” in the history of Earth has been covertly waged  by Zionists, beginning the the Rothschild Family in Europe.  The conquest of nearly the entire monetary system of the Western World (Wall Street and The Federal Reserve Bank) has been won by  Zionists bankers.  Their religion is Judaism.  Their “gods” are money and power.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a privatley owned consortium of 9 Zionist Jewish-owned & associated banks with the Rothschilds at the head:
1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin. 2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris. 3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy. 4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam. 5. Lehman Brothers of NY. 6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express). 7. Goldman, Sachs of NY. 8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders). 9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).