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psychosis redefinedThe original definition of the word “psychosis” came from the Greek word, psykhe– “soul”, i.e. psyche + -osis.  Greek psykhosis meant “a giving of life; animation; principle of life.” Definition of “-osis” in English: Denoting a process or condition.

The word “psychosis” in Earth “science” was invented in 1841 by German physician Karl Friedrich Canstatt (July 11, 1807,—1850) in his work Handbuch der Medizinischen Klinik. He used it as a shorthand for ‘psychic neurosis’. At that time neurosis meant any disease of the nervous system, and Canstatt was thus referring to what was considered a psychological manifestation of brain disease. (i.e. “brain” = “spirit or soul”.) Earth science cannot perceive a psyche, soul or spirit. So, all manifestations of the “psyche” are incorrectly attributed to “the brain”, which is a physical universe object.

A “psyche”, soul/spirit, is defined as an “Is-Be”, or Immortal Spiritual Being, in the book Alien Interview.  It is not a brain. An Is-Be is an eternal source of creative thought, animation, energy, and perception in the physical universe (and others) including all sentient life-forms. An Is-Be exists whether it is inhabiting a biological body or not. Collectively, all Is-Bes creating and perceiving interactively may be the source and cause of entire universes.

ALIEN INTERVIEWThe human Earth population are spiritual prisoners on Earth. Earth is a “prison planet” of the Old Empire government of this region of space, and beyond. The most common types of “psychosis” manifested by Is-Bes on prison planet Earth, are described in the book Alien Interview.

As a personal study exercise, I have taken the liberty of creating my own definitions, and abbreviated names, for  various types of Is-Be “psychosis” on Earth, based on descriptions of “untouchables” from the Alien Interview book, as follows:

“PP-Be” = Generic Prison Planet Is-Be, i.e. any Is-Be inhabiting a biological body on Earth, or disembodied Is-Be controlled by the amnesia / hypnosis machinery of the prison planet.

“Crim-Be” = Criminal Is-Bes such as common murderers and thieves, congressmen, military contractors, corporation CEOs, pharmaceutical companies, con-artists, etc..

“Perv-Be” = Sexually Perverted Is-Be such as rapists, child molesters, sex-slave traders, patriarchal priests, secret cult members, various politicians, sexual predators, sex drug pushers, or those who use sex as a weapon of control or to inflict pain.

“War-Be” = Military/industrial/Political/Banker Warmonger or Soldier Is-Be.

“Bank-Be” = Bankster Is-Be such as any banker, stock trader, land speculators, fiat money creators, etc. who create an alleged “valuable means of exchange” which is not supported by actual goods, services, food, survival necessities, etc., required for life of biological bodies and the maintenance of the planetary environment.

“Para-Be” = Parasitic Is-Be who cannot produce anything but can only bleed the labor, inventions or work from other Is-Bes using aesthetic lies, trickery, deception, false promises, treachery enforced on the “host” by legal and military force. Example: attorneys, priests of religion or science, politicians, bankers, gamblers, drug sellers, etc..

“Sci-Be” = Priests and/or practitioners of Western “science” or “medicine” on Earth.

“Art-Be” = Any of the numerous Artist / Performer Is-Bes such as painters, dancers, singers, writers, musicians, etc., whom the Old Empire deemed to be “untouchable” or useless to their totalitarian society.

“Worker-Be” = Slave Is-Bes who do manual labor in mines, on farms, in factories, etc., to feed the bodies and create wealth for the Para-Bes, Bank-Bes, etc..

“Psycho-Be” = chronically destructive, anti-social beings who cannot be corrected, changed or repaired.

“Rev-Be” = Is-Bes who are revolutionaries or political/military enemies of the Old Empire

“DEF-Be” = Is-Bes who are members of the Domain Expeditionary Force who have been captured on or near Earth, given amnesia and placed in biological bodies as part of the prison population of Earth.

“Smart-Be” = Is-Bes who are brilliant inventors, managers, thinkers, creators, etc.

“Dumb-Be” = Is-Bes who have sunken below the level of sentient awareness.


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india slumsI am very careful about the books I read, and who wrote them, and published them, and why.   I read a lot of books.  Not many novels.  Mostly non-fiction.   However, I started reading Shantaram after I did a lot of research about the author, Gregory David Roberts, and read parts of the book on the internet.  I bought the book because I think the author is an excellent writer, who escaped from a  20-year prison sentence in Australia fled to Bombay (Mumbai) where he lived for many years in the slums with the “untouchables” of India.  He spent most of his time as a solitary nurse treating the injuries and illnesses of his neighbors with a first aid kit in own his tiny hovel.  He never charged money.  He also sold drugs and worked for gangsters to earn a modest living while still in hiding as an escaped convict.  Later, the author was captured in Germany and completed serving his 20 year prison sentence.

What the novel Shantaram reveals about shantaramthe slums and ghettos of Mumbai is something that most Americans don’t know because nobody ever talks about “untouchables”! Poor people are “invisible” to the “upper classes”, i.e. people who earn more than a few dollars a day.   Sixty percent of the 20 million citizens of Mumbai live on only 6% of the land, within a stones throw of the wealthiest people in India. The oppressive disparity of wealth, health services and housing between the rich and poor is an issue in the U.S. and around the world, but most visible and extreme in Mumbai.

ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. SpencerI have known many very poor people from the slums of the southern states in the U.S..  They are the same kind of “untouchables” as the people who live in the slums of India.  These are the rapidly growing population of the private prison system in the U.S..  I am reading Shantaram because it is a novel about “untouchables”, written by a convict who also a nurse, a philosopher and an artist with the English language.  Alien Interview It was written by a nurse, dictated to her by an alien philosopher about “untouchables”, who are the entire population of prison planet Earth.   — Lawrence R. Spencer. 2015