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What do carnivorous predators have in common?  They eat meat.  What do bankers, politicians and priests need to live?  They need a flock of sheep to feed them.  Right?  Do predators care about you?  No, they only care about your meat.  Don’t lay with predators or listen to their lies, and you won’t get eaten.


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predatorsHumans beings are the same as all creatures on Earth.: most humans are content to follow the herd and struggle to survive.  A relative few are predators or parasites who feed upon the herd.  These few are the bankers, priests and politicians who cannot survive without the herd.  They disguise themselves as “leaders” of the herd.  As long as “the herd” believes the that predators are “leaders” they will be killed and eaten.  This is “life” on Earth.


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The invasion of America by “aliens” from Europe and the rest of the world continues. War, theft, genocide, mayhem, destruction, greed, gluttony are the legacy of this invasion. Ancestors of the “aliens” who consider themselves to be “Americans” by birthright have inherited the “karma” of their ancestors. No civilization in the history of Earth has survived for more than a few hundred years, on average. Why should “America” be any different? Karma is Eternal…. the nations of Earth, not so much.