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Cell phones, pads, pods, social networks, Tweets, posts, texts, computers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It’s just a part of the dumbing-down process that banksters, global corporations and military/congressional complex have been dreaming about for decades.  It’s happening right here, right now, right in the palm of your hand.  Mindless masses of working-class consumers, tax-paying, militaristic, media addicts.  The NWO has you right where they want you: #Dumbdowned in #Electronic #OblivionLand.


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Holly Wood is “said” to be a symbol of goodwill, peace, health and happiness. Holly is also “said” to be one of the sacred trees of the faith of Wicca/Witchcraft. In folklore, the Holly tree/bush is associated with the spirit of vegetation and with the waning forces of nature. The mythical figure of the Holly King in the personification of the spirit of the holly. The Holly King rules nature during its decline from mid-summer through to mid-winter, when, at the winter solstice, he is defeated in ritual combat by his brother the Oak King.

In the 1960’s the Council on Foreign Relations and the Institute of International Affairs (New World Order front groups) decided which film industry would create the international culture of the future. It was agreed that Hollywood would be given the job to create the worldwide culture to the general public to create a global society.  This was an easy decision since the film industry is owned and operated by members of the “Global Elite“.

Holly wood is named “holy wood”.  The holy wood is the staff of the magi or the staff of the grand Magus (of occultism). The magi waves his wand and everything is changed with the casting of a spell. This staff was traditionally made with holly wood (as are chess pieces). It was used by John Dee, the court magician of Queen Elizabeth.

The people that named it knew what they where doing, they had a plan to indoctrinate their views on the unsuspecting movie goers.
The advent of the movies showing popular appeal for ideological purpose (brainwashing) that the unwary view as entertainment.