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Think about this:  the people who are “creating the NWO” own all media,: TV, film, internet, etc..  These two video tutorials demonstrate how video and film can be created and changed to “look real” even though they are complete fiction. We are seeing these technologies used on “TV News” and Hollywood films constantly. The people who own this technology in Hollywood, television, shadow governments, etc.. can use these technologies in REAL TIME to create the illusion of “reality”.  I’m not saying that nothing on TV is “real”.  However,  computer created or altered video can include wars, false flag events, political performances, etc..  Do you really think Obama writes his own speeches?


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The dystopian art of Danielle Tunstall has to be seen it to be experienced.  (WARNING: IT IS NOT FOR THE MEEK. )  Masterful visual arts cannot not be described by words except by imbecilic, self-annointed art critics — persons who are not able to create art, but who attempt to destroy the creations of others with snide verbal deconstructions.  Here is the link to her Flickr photo stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielle-tunstall/