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There ia a lot of talk about how Americans are being deliberately “dumbed down” by the NWO inspired “eduction system”, including the TV shows, Hollywood films, popular music, etc.. But, how “dumb” have we actually become during the past 100 years?  Here is an actual test give the Eighth Grade students in 1912. How many of these questions  could you answer?  NO CHEATING by looking up answers on the internet!  How many could an average EIGHTH Grade student answer in 2015?


FINDING WORK: 1940 vs 2012

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Here is a film published by Arthur Twogood, Associate professor of Vocational Education at Iowa State College just before the the US entered World War Two in 1940. It’s a fascinating illustration of how dramatically the illusion of an “American Dream” has dissolved during the past 72 years.  The film demonstrates that there was once a sincere interest on the part of “public education” to provide guidance and education, although heavily influenced by Big Brother “double-speak” about the unspoken “class system” that the financially “elite” have been indoctrinating into the “peasants” for thousands of years.  The “dumbing down” of Americans has been going on for decades.  However, it has become more aggressive since the advent of the microchip, which didn’t exist in 1940.  Tragically, the “career opportunities” suggested in this film don’t exist any longer.  High school kids today have been born into an “electronic society” (like those described dystopian fiction like 1984 ) that produced mindless automatons much more efficiently than less technically “advanced” societies.  This film does offer a very interesting contrast between the economic paradigm of 1940 with the reality faced by high school students in 2012.


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Cell phones, pads, pods, social networks, Tweets, posts, texts, computers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It’s just a part of the dumbing-down process that banksters, global corporations and military/congressional complex have been dreaming about for decades.  It’s happening right here, right now, right in the palm of your hand.  Mindless masses of working-class consumers, tax-paying, militaristic, media addicts.  The NWO has you right where they want you: #Dumbdowned in #Electronic #OblivionLand.