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Someday the “Holodeck” from Star Trek may become a reality simulation “toy” on Earth. Microsoft and other tech companies are already working on creating virtual reality devices for use in the home. The idea of “virtual reality” has been a part of science fiction and film since the 1930s : “Pygmalion’s Spectacles” by Stanley G. Weinbaum describes a goggle-based virtual reality system with holographic recording of fictional experiences including smell and touch.

Theoretically, since our universe is fundamentally composed of “thought energy” it is conceivable that we are already living inside a holographic  universe, driven by computer technology developed by “aliens” over a period of billions of years.  On Earth, we have had electricity for only about 100 years, and computers for only a few decades.  What technology might be possible millions of years from now?  Socially and technologically the human race are virtual barbarians.  Yet, anything we can imagine can become a reality.

If you could choose any “virtual reality program” from a Holodeck menu, which would you choose?

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“Science fiction” is NOT “science”, but it is DEFINITELY fiction.  The problem has become that people BELIEVE what they see on film, and internet in the form of “electronic media”.  Visual effects technology has become so advanced that “virtual reality” has become “reality”.

“Belief” is the foundation of mind-control. It has always been basis of power for religions.  There have literally been THOUSANDS of “gods” and religions in written history of Earth.  Modern “Science Fiction Cult-ure” has become a new “religion”.  It is often referred to as the “new age” culture or consciousness.  Please remember that every “religion” is created by people, just like you and me.

A enormous library of books, films, videos, TV shows, etc. about extraterrestrials, time travel, black holes, and a vast array of “theoretical history” have become “mainstream media” mania since the 1960s with the introduction of Star Trek on national TV.  Since then, a vast “UFO CULT-ure” has been created by film, television and and Youtube.  The phenomena is literally “mind-boggling”.

I suggest that we not lose touch with “real reality” and allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with “virtual reality”.  Take a walk outside, go to a forest, or to the beach… make direct physical and visual contract with solid objects in nature.  Let’s get REAL about reality. Don’t get sucked in to the “religion” of Science Fiction.



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This demonstration of “Human Face Video Mapping” shows clearly that any face (or anything else) can be replicated in detail and altered on video. If you think you’re watching a live broadcast of El Presidente on TV, you might just as easily be watching a “stunt double” talking head with a dubbed sound track. Virtual Reality Is Reality!