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It can be argued, convincingly, that Religions have been responsible for more  war, death, chaos, mayhem, superstition, cruelty, stupidity, slavery, theft, murder, criminality, disease, torture, sexual perversion, rape, and ignorance than ANY other influence upon Humanity.  They have betrayed, conquered and  slaughtered hundreds of millions of human beings during the short history of human beings on Earth.  Do NOT take my word for this.  Do YOUR OWN research, and discover for yourself who are the REAL ENEMIES of Mankind…..  In this short video, Stephan Fry delivers an excellent diatribe on this subject.


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Don’t you just simply ADORE the aesthetic eloquence and elocutionary excellence of the British? After all, the English language was created in England from an ancient, evolutionary amalgamation of invading influences from the Romans, Vikings, French and Anglo Saxons, and other “civilized” and “barbaric” peoples of the European continent. Therefore, who is better suited to dispute the correct pronunciation and application of words in the English language that the English?! Hear, Hear!! (or is it “Here, Here”)?