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I write or edit books for Spiritual Beings and about Spiritual Beings.  Personally, I think there is far too much literature in our culture that glorifies games played in the physical universe.  Foremost in importance of those games, we are told by play-writes, poets and other propogandists, are those being played by Beings who inhabit bodies.

However, as Spiritual Beings, we are most certainly not a physical object.  We may inhabit and animate the body — endow it with life — from time to time.  However, animating an object does not mean that one IS the object.  Western culture in particular enforces the false notion that each person IS a body.  This activity is a trick and a trap.  It is a method of control devised to enslave everyone, including the benefactors of slavery such as priests, politicians, bankers and other self-appointed aristocrats.  Thieves and tyrants like these are also Spiritual Beings, though they deny that reality to themselves, as well as those they pretend to ‘lead’.

I trust you will find some story, poem, or insight in my books that will help remind you  that you are the spiritual essence that is You.  I empathize with you, as we float on this mirage in space called Earth.  This is not our home.  Although we are not alone, I am sure that You are the Hand that guides You. I encourage you to remain true to yourself.  Be your own best friend.  We may endure that rest of Eternity alone, unless you  and I can find each other in the end — with or without a body.

— Lawrence R. Spencer

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by Lawrence R. Spencer 
An apparition in the night!
A lonely ghost floats on the stairs
she shines in luminescent light
disembodied, though she's still here.

Not living in the flesh on Earth
she may be free to wait, or roam.
Yet, she seldom feels much mirth
because she's mostly left alone.

Most people will not see her there,
though she's a Spirit, will feelings tender,
they don't perceive her in the air:
they don't know how, or can't remember.

Yet, people are afraid of ghosts!
We've been told we must avoid
the friends we've lost, yet loved the most
who linger in the spatial void.

Beware! Don't run and hide in fear!
Look all about!  They're still around!
Beloved old friends may still be near...
if you listen, they'll make a sound.

Be thoughtful on All Hallows Eve:
befriend a Spirit on the stairs.
Someday you and I may be
a lonely ghost who needs some care.