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Is-Be“Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings.  This includes human beings.  For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: “IS-BE”.  Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “is”, and the only reason for their  existence is that they decide to “be”. No matter how lowly their station in a society, every IS-BE deserves the respect and treatment that I myself would like to receive from others.  Each person on Earth continues to be an IS-BE whether they are aware of the fact or not.” ~ Alien Interview



On a planet ruled by the sexual domination of the male of any species of animal, the female is powerless.  Jealousy is manifested as an attempt to destroy or disempower the desirable. Competition for survival is paramount.  Survival is a mindless tournament of destruction.  Human society is controlled by the male.  His only desire is to gratify and satisfy sexual sensation, and the by-product of gratification, his progeny.  Females fight for prominence as a pathetic second best.  Support the male with pain, with sacrifice, with selflessness.