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The physical universe provides illusions of perpetual scenery for an Immortal Spiritual Being.

There is no need for us to create our own.

Our thoughts can be free from effort, relieved of the continual burden of Self-Sustained Imagination.

There is no need for  incessant Creation of Our Own Energy….

Sit calmly and watch the passing objects, energy and images of a universe that is not our own…..

Be amused, bemused, hypnotized and entertained….. be peaceful….  be silent….  do not create….  do not create….

Let the perpetual illusions we share as Reality release and heal your boredom in The Eternal Now….

Exist in a Universe that is not Your Home…

Exist…. Exist….. Exist…. Exist….

The Eternal Now Is The Eternal Now….

Reality is not Your Home….




  1. That human beings evolved on Earth to become “superior” to other life forms.
  2. That Spiritual Beings do not animate ALL life forms on Earth.
  3. That our memories — even of our past lives on Earth or before — are stored in your brain.
  4. That Earth is our “home”.
  5. That we– as a spiritual being — have no memory of who we really are, or where we came from, before we were brought to Earth and dumped off here from another time or place or plane of existence by other spiritual beings who didn’t want us around anymore.
  6. That there is “a god” who created everything and that we have no responsibility for creating anything accept our own small, pathetic, insignificant, purposeless lives.
  7. That the entire physical universe started from a “big bang” of energy, all by itself, accidentally, and randomly, without supervision, and then organized itself to become every celestial body, living organism, physical, spiritual and energetic phenomenon of an nearly infinite extent of a microcosm and macrocosm of which human beings can perceive virtually nothing, but would rather rely on a unproven “theory” to serve as “proof” of it’s origin.
  8. That Earth scientists, priests, politicians and any other person you have ever heard of knows “the truth” about anything except their personal opinion as to what “the truth” is for them.
  9. That “time” exists independent of your subjective experience and is floating around in “space” somewhere and that we can go “visit it” there…wherever “there” is…or “when”, or was, or is, or will be.
  10. That we are not living in a holographic “reality” which makes us feel “free” even though we are always “inside” it and can’t get out because we are not aware how it works, or that it even exists.



The slowly decaying life-form I see reflected in The Mirror of Reality is not Me.
It is a puppet I inhabit and animate in the Game of Life.

Every day, decade after decade, lifetime after lifetime, The Mirror speaks to me:
“I am weak. I am worthless. I am insignificant. I do not exist!”

This mirror does not reflect the Eternal Nothingness that is Me.

The image it reveals makes me forget Who I Am.

I am not deceived by this false illusion…



Lawrence R. Spencer. 2013.