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~ from the science fiction book Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission, by Lawrence R. Spencer

“The following excerpt from the historical preface to the  “Doctrine of The Eternally Benevolent Domain“.  This is a poetic abridgement of the philosophical principle of “All-Mother”.  The verses were written by the pre-Dominion poet, Shalnam-Aran, and officially adopted as a part of The Doctrine of The Eternally Benevolent Domain billions of years ago.  It is included here as an aid to recovering your memory as a member of the lost battalion:

  1. “Without seeking, one may know All-Mother.
  2. Without finding, one may know The Way of All-Mother.
  3. The Omniscient and Omnipotent Matriarch knows without searching, understands without thinking, acts without motion.
  4. To know that one does not understand is wise;
  5. Failing to know that one does not understand is folly.
  6. A wise being treats errors as misestimations of force.
  7. One becomes more able when force is used correctly.
  8. The proper use of force is to prevent those who harm others from harming others. This is benevolent for All.
  9. To use force without benevolent intention is foolish.
  10. Order, with Benevolence, ensures freedom and integrity for All.
  11. A trustworthy Being is honest with those who are honest.
  12. A trustworthy Being is honest with those who are dishonest.
  13. When a being can be trusted, integrity and benevolence may be attained for All.
  14. All beings, unless forcefully abused, are essentially benevolent.
  15. All-Mother defines the myriad shades of Benevolence.
  16. Who distinguishes the subtleties of beauty and ugliness?
  17. Being and non-being are a decision to be, or not to be.
  18. Benevolence is caused by All Beings in The Eternal Now.
  19. The Way of All-Mother embraces each Being with trust and Benevolent intent.
  20. All-Mother begins, as does Trust, with the decision to Be Benevolence.
  21. We, Immortal Benevolent Beings, embody All-Mother.
  22. Collectively, we are The Source of Eternal Benevolence.
  23. A Being creates and is responsible for creation.
  24. One creates, creates, creates, creates, or does not.
  25. If One does not create, no universe is perceived.
  26. One causes a universe with Creative Thought.
  27. Thought creates the boundaries of a space.
  28. Boundaries form the illusion of space.
  29. The space therein is filled with forms of thought.
  30. Placing forms therein, location and space are perceived.
  31. A universe of forms in motion, monitored, is time.
  32. The change of forms are caused by Beings.
  33. Changing forms, agreed upon, are mutually perceived.
  34. Mutual perception, agreed upon, is reality.
  35. One who looks will not see All-Mother.
  36. One who listens will not hear All-Mother.
  37. One who gropes will not grasp All-Mother.
  38. All-Mother is formless nonentity.
  39. All-Mother is motionless source of motion.
  40. The infinite essence of Being is the source of life.
  41. All-Mother is Self as a Benevolent Spirit.
  42. The Self, the Spirit, creates illusion.
  43. The delusion of Beings is that All is not an illusion.
  44. One creates illusion, enjoying, renewing, destroying.
  45. Creation and Joy of Being are The Way of All-Mother.
  46. Beings pretend to be forms to play a game.
  47. Beings may endows forms with sensation and feels pleasure therein.
  48. Pain is a game of suffering forms.
  49. Without a form, can one suffer?
  50. One may forget Ones Self and become a form.
  51. One becomes form: One loses The Way of All-Mother.
  52. Benevolent Creation is Pleasure.
  53. All-Mother is The Way of Eternal Pleasure.

Excerpted from the poem, “All-Mother: The Way of Benevolent Being”, verses 1 – 53 by Shalnam-Aran from The Doctrine of The Eternally Benevolent Domain




One of the “media whores” of the New World Order “scientific” community is Neil deGrasse Tyson.  He is a talking head for the Fascist US President George W. Bush and The Military-Corporate-Private Banker-Oil Company-Congressional Complex Media Tyson has argued that many great historical scientists’ belief in intelligent design limited their scientific inquiries, to the detriment of the advance of scientific knowledge.  He appoints himself as an “authority” on “the spirituality of science” in his essay, “The Perimeter of Ignorance” and other “anti-spirit” propaganda pieces that support and justify the financial agendas of the 1%.

In plain English, he preaches the doctrine which “proves scientifically” that the entire universe is nothing more than a infinite void of brutality, devoid of Intelligence, Love and Kindness.  The so-called “sciences” of Earth are allergic to the existence of Spiritual Beings who are the ONLY source of Benevolence in any universe.  Neil and his media whore peers try to sell us on THE RELIGION OF SCIENCE with “theories” and “experiments” that are in FACT nothing more than justifications for financial control, legalized murder (war), social chaos, and Weapons of Mass Destruction!  In actual FACT, the Religion of Science is DEATH!  (atomic bombs, armaments, HAARP, biological weapons, chem-trails, mind control, taxes and criminal corporations, political puppetry, et. al. notwithstanding).

Personally, I am not a proponent of ANY “religion”, including the Religion of Science or any “ism” or “ology”, doctrine, dogma and demigod.  However, I know, with certainty, that no “scientist” can detect, measure or perceive BENEVOLENCE with a microscope. telescope, stethoscope, oscilloscope or any other “scientific” apparatus.

Benevolence does not exist in the physical universe.  It is Created and Perceived by you and me as Spiritual Beings: The Source of Benevolence.

— Lawrence R. Spencer. 2015.