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One of the “media whores” of the New World Order “scientific” community is Neil deGrasse Tyson.  He is a talking head for the Fascist US President George W. Bush and The Military-Corporate-Private Banker-Oil Company-Congressional Complex Media Tyson has argued that many great historical scientists’ belief in intelligent design limited their scientific inquiries, to the detriment of the advance of scientific knowledge.  He appoints himself as an “authority” on “the spirituality of science” in his essay, “The Perimeter of Ignorance” and other “anti-spirit” propaganda pieces that support and justify the financial agendas of the 1%.

In plain English, he preaches the doctrine which “proves scientifically” that the entire universe is nothing more than a infinite void of brutality, devoid of Intelligence, Love and Kindness.  The so-called “sciences” of Earth are allergic to the existence of Spiritual Beings who are the ONLY source of Benevolence in any universe.  Neil and his media whore peers try to sell us on THE RELIGION OF SCIENCE with “theories” and “experiments” that are in FACT nothing more than justifications for financial control, legalized murder (war), social chaos, and Weapons of Mass Destruction!  In actual FACT, the Religion of Science is DEATH!  (atomic bombs, armaments, HAARP, biological weapons, chem-trails, mind control, taxes and criminal corporations, political puppetry, et. al. notwithstanding).

Personally, I am not a proponent of ANY “religion”, including the Religion of Science or any “ism” or “ology”, doctrine, dogma and demigod.  However, I know, with certainty, that no “scientist” can detect, measure or perceive BENEVOLENCE with a microscope. telescope, stethoscope, oscilloscope or any other “scientific” apparatus.

Benevolence does not exist in the physical universe.  It is Created and Perceived by you and me as Spiritual Beings: The Source of Benevolence.

— Lawrence R. Spencer. 2015.


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Since humanity can only destroy itself once, nuclear overkill serves no purpose, wastes billions of dollars in maintenance costs, and increases the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons by terrorists, or by accident, miscalculation, or misunderstanding.

Russia has a nuclear weapons destructive force of 2,900 megatons, which is an ability to destroy humanity 29 times. Russia, which is in terrible financial shape, is wasting vast sums of money to maintain far more strategic nuclear warheads (7,150) than it can use without destroying itself.(15)

The United States has a total nuclear weapons destructive force of 1,800 megatons, which is an ability to destroy humanity 18 times. While struggling mightily to reduce deficit spending, the U.S. is spending some $27 billion annually to maintain far more strategic nuclear warheads (7,250) than it can use without destroying itself.(16)

While the total nuclear destructive power of the United Kingdom, France and China represents only a small part of the world’s nuclear weapons destructive force, it is still enough to destroy the world several times. Each of these countries is struggling with great difficulty to pay for their nuclear weapons.(17)

The destructive power estimates are conservative since they only include the power of strategic nuclear weapons. If tactical nuclear weapons were added, the overkill capability would be even greater.

Israel, India and Pakistan also have the ability to produce and deliver nuclear weapons.(18) As global awareness grows that nuclear weapons use is likely to be massively destructive, including self-destructive, hopefully these states, too, will reevaluate the appropriateness of maintaining nuclear arsenals.


Why does humanity waste vast sums maintaining far more nuclear weapons than are needed to destroy itself? In an earlier study we discovered the main reason for such illogical behavior is that there is a worldwide reluctance to think about what the consequences would be if nuclear weapons were used — a mental block. We discovered that virtually nothing is being published anywhere in the world on the self-destructive consequences of the use of nuclear weapons despite the great peril they present to all.(19)

An example of this mental block was recently reported by General Lee Butler (USAF, Ret.). When General Butler became head of the U.S. Strategic Air Command, he went to the Omaha headquarters to inspect the 12,000 targets in the former Soviet Union. He was shocked to find that dozens of warheads were aimed at Moscow (as the Soviets once targeted Washington). General Butler said, “We were totally out of touch with reality.”(20) U.S. planners had no grasp of the destructive power of nuclear weapons. One small nuclear warhead alone could destroy a major city.

While it is understandable that people are reluctant to think about how terrible the consequences of nuclear weapons use could be, this reluctance has allowed humankind to place itself in danger of self-annihilation, and to spend some $8 trillion over the course of the Nuclear Age doing so.”

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