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the other side

“The Oriental teacher never fails to wonder at the many evidences of the result of mere theory and dogmatic teaching on the part of the majority of the teachers and preachers of the Western world. These so‑called teachers are like the “blind leading the blind,” for they have no means of verifying their statements, and merely pass on what they have blindly received from others, who, in turn, have received their own instruction in the same way. In the Orient, on the contrary, one meets with so many persons of developed higher psychic and spiritual sense, to whom the phenomena of “the other side” is as familiar as is the phenomena of “this side,” that the “other side” seems as real and actual as does the ordinary environment of earth‑life.”

But, from the same reasons, the developed Oriental occultist finds himself confronted with a most perplexing, not to say discouraging task when he attempts to convey his knowledge on this subject to Western students. The Western mind instinctively refuses to accept truth in the manner of the mind of the Oriental student. Not having realized by actual experience certain fundamental psychic and spiritual facts, which serve as a basis for the detailed teaching, the Western mind naturally demands “actual proof” of these basic facts before being willing to proceed further. Inasmuch as these facts must first be experienced to be known, no amount of argument ever serves to bring that conviction of truth which should serve as the fundamental basis for the detailed teaching. Consequently by the Western student, the general basic statements of the teacher are accepted either purely on faith, or else regarded as mere guesses or speculation on the part of the teacher. And, as there are thousands of such guesses and speculative theories advanced in the Western world, the student may well be excused from refusing to accept any of them as truth, for, as he often argues, “one guess is as good as another.”

~ Atkinson, William Walker, THE LIFE BEYOND DEATH ~


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“Amid the ruins of vast pyramid civilizations lay inexplicably intricate hieroglyphic writings and sculptures with oriental features; massive walls built with 30 ton stones fitted so precisely that a sheet of paper can not be inserted between them; and, stone heads with distinctly African faces wearing helmets, weighing 20 or 30 TONS each, which lay about randomly in the jungle. 
In the Yucatan at the ancient city of Xumal is found a magnificently sculpted building of stone named by the Spanish, “Casa del Gobernador” (House of the Ruler). The entire facade of the building is fitted with dozens of highly stylized representations of elephants! The elephants’ trunks are very easily identifiable and cannot be mistaken for anything else. Yet, there were no elephants on the American continents–at least not in recent history. So, how would the Olmec who carved the building know about elephants? The answer is obvious. The architects had seen elephants, either in Asia or Africa.
Remember, the Olmecs also carved 30-ton boulders into statues with African features, wearing helmets. Question: What kind of people wear helmets? Answer: Miners.
Also found at these sites are carvings which show people wearing helmets inside a stylized serpent cave using a tool which shoots out flame.
At Copan, there exist many sculptures of rulers who are clearly oriental, complete with characteristically slanted eyes, mustaches and beards (which the native Maya do NOT have). These sculptures are dismissed by archaeologists as inexplicable anomalies.”

— Excerpt from the book THE OZ FACTORS, by Lawrence R. Spencer

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