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This is a review of the past 1,000 years of changes in the national borders in Europe as a result of the criminals and psychopaths who create warfare, political and economic chaos.  This created chaos also causes floods of refugees, fleeing war, rape, plunder and devastation. Lands are invaded, new conflicts are caused and the lives of the innocent are ruthlessly and repeatedly ruined.


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brutality-martin-klimas( image by Martin Klimas )

ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer“…an IS-BE will often manifest the treatment they have received from others. Kindness fosters kindness. Cruelty begets cruelty. One must be able and willing to use force, tempered with intelligence, to prevent harm to the innocent. However, extraordinary understanding, self-discipline and courage are required to effectively prevent brutality, without being overwhelmed by the malice that motivated the brutality.”

~ from the book Alien Interview ~

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