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It is possible to have Joy, and Love and Happiness and a Life going absolutely perfectly.  Perhaps this is not true in the physical universe, but you can create a universe of YOUR OWN were there are no troubles, and life is going perfectly.  It begins in your imagination, creating illusions, dreaming dreams and the decision that Your Illusions ARE Reality for You.


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I see clearly that I’m blind.
Memories drifting through my soul
reveal that Time is in my mind:
of living deaths and never growing old.
rhythmic songs of deeds long done beat deep inside My Soul.
I know I’ve drifted far from Home.
Psychedelic drugs and atom bombs
prove we’ve all lived lives before.
I remember, mirrored darkly, through the lies
Shapeless Shades of Nothingness,
without a cause to carry, no reasons why,
afloat in spaceless voids of aimlessness.
Images of energy, space and time
are illusions of Our Will: conjurings of Our Minds.
Stuck inside a fragile shell I have no wings to fly
except with those I unfold within My Self.

— Lawrence R. Spencer.  2017. —