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Cookie Monster mash-up of the Tom Waits song:

Since the beginning of the “Electronic Era” (computers, cell phones, space ships, satellites, nuclear bombs, etc.) there has been growing sense of nervous hysteria in the world: an ominous feeling that an “Apocalypse” draws near. We’re not quite sure how our doom will be manifested but many people feel that the end is near. There are many possibilities to choose from: nuclear war, global warming, natural cataclysms, global fascist police state, alien invasion, biological warfare, financial meltdowns resulting in social chaos, asteroids, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom….  In any case it seems that the human race will become extinct by it’s own self-destructive behavior or by external forces beyond our control.  Either way, doom is doom.

This is especially true since the False Flag 9-11 Event. We know that our “leaders” — the ones we were led to believe we “elected” — are working to carry out the agenda of a covert government. President Eisenhower and President Kennedy and President Lincoln and President Washington warned us: beware of Private Banks. Beware of the Military / Industrial / Congressional / Private Banking alliances that have hijacked our Egalitarian Dreams of Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All.

The “feeling” that God’s Away On Business may be founded in reality. However, in order to perceive this reality we have to take off our Rose-Colored-Hope-Glasses of blinding belief in a paradigm that an unseen “great spirit” is lovingly caring for each and every living being on Earth. The pain, war, starvation and misery suffered by the majority of the world population during the brief history of Humanity belies benevolence. So, where does our hope come from? And, what is the source of our foreboding feeling of eminent doom?

The UFO pilot interviewed by the US Army Air Force in 1947 at Roswell reveals the nature of a “secret government” that runs the show on Earth.  The beings who compose this unseen force are ancient, powerful, evil and completely out of sight. Even the bankers and politicians on this planet don’t know they are pawns being manipulated by them. However, when you read the transcripts — as thousands of people have  — we gain a profound sense of relief from the understanding of who’s “behind the curtain”.  “Belief” has nothing to do with reality. Our situation on Earth is what it is.  It’s not pretty.  The simple fact is this: If we have the guts to look god straight in the eye, we see our Self reflected in it.

If you’ve been feeling like “god’s away on business”, you don’t have anything to lose by reading the Alien Interview. It might bring you some relief from the confusion of knowing that the boat is sinking but not knowing the source of the leak.

Visit the Alien Interview website to learn more…. https://alieninterview.org/